Playstation Blog: No Win Like a Sports Win

Peter Moore writes on the Playstation.Blog: "We're now a couple of months into our 2009 EA SPORTS "season", and I've been delighted with the response to our first titles out of the gate this year, especially with products like Fight Night Round 4, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 10 and NCAA Football 10 really capturing the imagination of fans on the PLAYSTATION 3. With the launch of Madden NFL 10 around the corner, I think it's very clear how we're prioritizing quality and innovation in our pursuit of delivering personal access to the emotion of sports through everything we do this year. And as Maddenites around the country ready themselves for Aug. 14, we know "training" for Madden launch on the PS3 has become just as important to gamers as NFL Training Camps are for NFL players, as our new TV spots clearly show."

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TheHater3391d ago

how times has change. Peter Moore on the Playstation Blog? Praising Sony?

Clap Your Hands3390d ago

When we think of the sports gaming experiences we’re delivering with Sony this year, it’s very clear that our partnership and our commitment to the PlayStation platforms has never been stronger. Consider that…

* In Madden, PS3-PSP integration will enable NFL fans to build their own formations & plays from scratch. Via connectivity with the PS3, fans can perfect their plays on-the-go and download them to their PS3 anytime.

* In the EA SPORTS Complex on PlayStation Home, Club Fight Night is now open and drawing in Fight Night Round 4 fans, while four new Red Tournament poker tables have also been added to handle the overwhelming interest (nearly 2 million games played to date).

* We’ve recently announced that this fall our revamped EA SPORTS Challenge Series will create a global online competition exclusively on the PLAYSTATION 3. In addition to the robust online competitions, our first live event is later this month in Dallas. Get in the action today and get all the details by visiting m.

It’s clear that there’s never been a better time to be playing EA SPORTS games on the PS3 and PSP. Download your Madden demo today, and I hope PS Nation is ready to fight for every yard when Madden hits stores next week, as I know I will be with my beloved Patriots.

RyuStrife3390d ago

Quote: " beloved Patriots." <-- Oh yeah.

The_Zeitgeist3390d ago

Those adds are hilarious and somewhat true. I have been playing the Madden 10 Cardinals vs. Steelers 5 minute quarter demo non-stop. Gotta gear up for the season.

zok3103390d ago

but where is the 360 love, is the game exclusive?

The_Zeitgeist3390d ago

The 360 love could be seen the last 3 years of Madden. This year it appears as if EA wised up and decided to support the better system. LOL
I only half kid.

cmrbe3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

they are prioritizing quality and innovation and its has shown sofar. I was quite impressed with FIFA 09 and FNR4. Not a fan of american football Rugby Rules btw but i hope they have done a good job for you Madden fans. From the sounds of it i think they did.

blackpanther253390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

rugby looks like a bunch people running around with no head, but i guess its because i don't know the sport.

You dont really see it in the US, but I will try to find videos online

Clap Your Hands3390d ago

It is worth to notice that these tv-spots are actually some EA made together with Sony's PR-team.

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