Top 10 Video Game A-holes

Loot Ninja writes:

"We deal with these types of people throughout our daily lives, whether it is stuck in traffic, at the workplace, or even at home (I'm looking at you supposed loving "significant other"). We deal with them because we have to sometimes. Why do we subject ourselves, pay our hard earned money, to put up with these downright dirty characters in video games? Gaming for the most part should be part of our cool-down period. Well, to put it lightly, games need a-holes, and I've put together my list of my top 10 video game jackasses."

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drunkpandas3268d ago

I had a hacked ROM of Duck Hunt a long time ago where you could shoot the dog. I loved it.

Chrisny853268d ago

great list hound dog should def be 1 tho. i actually have no clue who that clown king is at #1 spot.

MiloGarret3268d ago

Under "9. Leeroy Jenkins" They might also have added the one guy that always runs around in horde mode (Geow2) killing everything during the first rounds taking the point lead, but then dies every round after the 5th, always calling for help while being on the middle of the map.

MerkinMax3268d ago

Am I the only one who didn't like him?

McCullster3268d ago

Totally worth it man! Totally worth it to shoot that dogs head off!

drunkpandas3268d ago

There was another that I didn't have that swapped the ducks and dogs, so you were only shooting the dogs

Nastrious0073268d ago

The end boss in the new Street Fight IV....Seth. Hate that dude. Just seems like a really annoying fellow...very unoriginal too.

drunkpandas3268d ago

He could be one of the cheapest bosses in any fighting game.

-Mezzo-3268d ago

Super agreed he might be the most annoying character ever, we're talking about SETH right.

DiffusionE3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

lol...Seth was super annoying. I always hated fighting him, not because he's hard, but because he has no speciality, no originality and absolutely plain looking.

Max Power3268d ago

I didn't know about Leroy Jenkins, so I googled and watched the youtube video, that is hilarious...good stuff.

DiffusionE3268d ago

just saw the leroy jenkins video too....absolutely hilarious....

badz1493267d ago

me too just watched the vid and it is funny as hell!! can't stop laughing and I'm in the office! I hope the lady next door won't come to my room getting angry or something! (^0^)

Tony P3268d ago

Ah, the King of All Cosmos. Reminds me of the carefree rich guy that supervises due to nepotism while you have to do all the real goddamn work.

A$$hole indeed.

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The story is too old to be commented.