5 PSN Games Every PS3 Owner Should Download

GamePro Arcade writes: "Even though Terry seems to make fun of PSN's sparce offerings on a weekly basis, PlayStation has stuck to the quality over quantity model for its downloadable service. In case you are new to PS3 or just looking for some great games to try, continue reading for our list of the Top 5 games every PS3 owner should download. It's important to note that all five games are PS3 exclusive!"

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shingo3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

where's wipeout hd? shatter? pixeljunk? superstar dust hd?

Chris3993395d ago

It was one of the first downloadable full-length games released this gen.

$20 (got it on sale) and well worth the price. As good as the Silent Hill used to be.

Cwalat3395d ago

Agree, beyond my understanding how a game like Crash Commando and Pain could outdo Wipeout HD... especially after the DLC pack that just got released.

himdeel3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

...and an example of a good downloadable game. I recommend it if you can stand the download of each individual chapter.

Siren, Fat Princess, Wipeout HD, Flower, A Pixel Junk Game

My five downloads in no particular order.

Bnet3433395d ago

That list fails for including PAIN. Here's mine:

1 - Fat Princess
2 - Super Stardust HD
3 - Lumines SuperNova

I haven't bought any more good PSN games, but I'm sure peoples list would be filled with a game like Crash Commando.

Maddens Raiders3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

the best downloadable game on the PSN that gives most ((retail;disc only)) games a real run for their money.

Buy it without hesitation - today.

InfectedDK3395d ago

Just watch my profile and look at the PSN games I own, I have rated them.. There are SOOO many better PSN games than theese..

Maddens Raiders3395d ago

I really find that staggeringly difficult to believe.

Please list all of these that blow them away....(I'll spot you one place for Trash Panic)

Syronicus3395d ago

No SSHD? No Wipeout HD? No Siren? Come on, please, if you are going to make a list of games to download, at least pick the best of the best.

Ravage273395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

PAIN got chosen over WIPEOUT HD??? Especially after the release of the arguably best DLC ever--> Wipeout Fury ????

my personal list: 1.Wipeout Fury 2.Pixeljunk Monsters 3.Fat Princess 4.Flower 5.Crash Commando or Trash Panic

*edit* @only on playstaychun, yep Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars also deserves a mention because its freaking fun, too bad for its online :/

i have the BD version of GT:P & Warhawk so they don't count for me.

joydestroy3395d ago

yup, wipeoutHD should def be on that list.

Timesplitter143394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

My list, in no particular order :
- Pixeljunk Monsters
- Ragdoll Kung-Fu (it's a blast with friends)
- Fat Princess
- Super Stardust HD
- Wipeout HD

And Castle Crashers + Braid are coming soon!

Redempteur3394d ago

We need a top 15

There are too many great games EXCLUSIVE to the PSN

and why should i download PAIN when stardust HD is cheaper ?

RevN8r3394d ago

Here's InfectedDK's top 10 list:

Warhawk - 10,0
Burnout Paradise: Ultimate - 9,5
Shatter - 9,5
Fat Princess - 9,0
PixelJunk Monsters: Encore - 9,0
Bomberman Ultra - 9,0
Worms - 8,5
Super Stardust HD - 8,5
WipEout HD - 8,0
3 on 3 NHL Arcade - 8,0

InfectedDK3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

The problem is that there are so many AAA exclusive PSN downloadable titles that you can't make a top 5 that everyone agrees on but.. Trash Panic? I would choose Shatter, PixelJunk Monsters, Fat Princess, SSHD, others and even Astro Tripper over it.. Warhawk is nr. 1.. But come on Crash Commando and Flower are great great games, but who says they are better than Wipeout, even Bomberman Ultra, Zuma, Rag Doll.. Even Calling All Cars is great! Pixeljunk Eden, Worms, Soldner-X Himmelssturmer..

Listen.. If i invite someone over what do I game..? The old PSN exclusive Tekken 5, Crash Commando, Trash Panic or Flower??

You can't make such a list! Make it top 20.

This is like making a top 5 songs of all time.. I respect their list of great games but I think many won't agree on it..

edgeofblade3394d ago

Don't know why everyone likes Warhawk. It wasn't any fun for me.

But Crash Commando... my go-to action shooter on PSN.

If you want must-have PSN downloads, exclusive or not, download BF1943.

topdawg1223394d ago

Shatter is actually really good for a brick breaker with great music. Crash Commando looks really good

Jaces3394d ago

Fail article.

Except for Warhawk and Flower.

FamilyGuy3394d ago

This is one of the worst list i've ever seen.
There are sooooo many better choices and warhawk is great but it had a retail release so they should stick to true psn games.

MiloGarret3394d ago

1. Wipeout HD; 2. Wipeout HD Fury Expansion; 3. Wipeout HD Theme; 4. Wipeout HD Theme 2; SuperStardust HD.


Evocation3394d ago

This might be more of a, great games you should have but probably don't.

Crash commando is a lot like soldat So try that first if you want a real good feel, or maybe even just stick with soldat ^^

Uzesgelen_Goo3394d ago

1st Siren: New Translation
2nd Warhawk
3rd Super Stardust HD
4th Eden
5th Minna de Spelunker
and i want include my more favorites too here is..
Wipeout HD. Qruton (aka Numblast). FF Crystal Defenders. Everybodys golf with Toro. Trash Panic. etc (^^)

JL3394d ago

I'm at a loss at how Pixeljunk Monsters didn't make this list. That game is really good. I don't think the list is quite as bad as some are making out though. Pain I don't agree with. It was cool at first, but then got boring/old after like 30mins. Flower is real cool. Beautiful game. Finally got around to getting it recently. Fat Princess is proving to be lots of fun too (even better once they get everything sorted out--it's still been proving hard for me to get online at times, and when I do that lagging stuff ruins it at times). I really need to get around to getting Shatter. Heard nothing but good stuff about it and I enjoy a good brick breaker game at times (just got enough games I'm playing at the moment is all). Trash Panic seemed fun as well. Only played the demo, but it was fun what I tried. That's another one I might pick up later when I get done with everything I'm playing now. Honestly, I rather enjoyed High Velocity Bowling as well.

JD_Shadow3394d ago

To be fair, I think he's trying to pick games that people could easily overlook in favor of Wipeout or SSHD or the others. Wipeout, SSHD, and Pixeljunk (both Monsters AND Eden) are probably a lot better, but they were also day one downloads for a LOT of people. I think that's what I think the guy was intending this list to be.

Plus, this is Gamepro. They USUALLY try to highlight more obscure games, as they have for years now.

goflyakite3394d ago

Games that I've downloaded and liked are (not in order);

-Battlefield 1943
-Pixel Junk Eden
-Burnout Paradise (if it counts)
-Fat Princess

I just downloaded Flower a few days ago, already got 100% of the trophies. It's honestly one of my favorite games ever.

GameForFame3394d ago

WTF - PAIN was garbage. Appropriately enough, so was Trash Panic.

SSHD is old but still a classic, that should be up there instead of PAIN.

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Megaton3395d ago

Half-crap list. My 5 favorites are:
- Crash Commando
- Shatter
- Fat Princess
- Flower
- WipEout HD + Fury

I'm a little hesitant to list WipEout HD right now, but it is a solid game. This nonsense with the completely intrusive advertising has got me fuming.

MiloGarret3394d ago

They removed it for now. Or play it on an EU account seeing as we don't get them (yet).

JD_Shadow3394d ago

As long as it doesn't distract from the gameplay, let them (I think, in the case of Burnout Paradise having them, it brings more realism to the game, as if Paradise City is a real city in the States).

I would warn you, though. The game is HARD! REALLY! FREAKIN'! HARD!!! Don't expect to get a plat (and yes, that is the ONLY PSN game I've seen besides the either/or Warhawk, to have a Plat trophy for it. You will see WHY if you get it). I have only seen one person on the entire PSN to have that one on their trophy card, and I've tried for SO long to Beat Zico. Not happening.

Megaton3394d ago

@ Darkpower - The advertising doubles load times between races. It's advertising in the worst way. Not sure if the rest of your post was addressed to me, but I've owned the game since the day it was released, bought Fury the day it was released too. I know how hard it is. I have more trophies in that game than anyone else on my list, and I'm still only around 50%.

Raoh3395d ago

i'd remove something from there and add savage moon. maybe five is too short of a list and needs to be top ten PSN games.

Maddens Raiders3395d ago

is a great game. I've wasted days and weeks playing that damn game and it just keeps calling me back for more attention.

TheHater3395d ago

Super StarDust HD
Fat Princess
Pixel Junk Eden
WipeOut HD

only on playstaychun3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

possibly the most fun I had playing with my mate; shame reviewers don't like fun games.