3.2 Patch Notes for 'World of WarCraft' Revealed

Wondering what sort of updates are in store for you in the next patch of "World of WarCraft"? Good news, they're up on the test servers right now.

I've gone ahead and pasted the bulk of them after the break, or you can just head on over to the official site and check 'em out. They're very long and detailed.

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Luzce2998d ago

... must ... not ... play ... WoW ... ever ... again.

Shadow0172998d ago

Ya used to be addicted to world of warcrack but never again.

Silverwolf2998d ago

Just read the changes....all those numbers and nerd vocabulary gave me a damn headache.

Panthers2998d ago

its like 2 or 4 gold to get ur first mount now and at lvl 20 lol. Big change from before.