Valve Announces Crash Course DLC Pack for Left 4 Dead writes: "It looks like Valve is still working on showing the original Left 4 Dead crowd as much love as possible with the announcement of yet another DLC pack for the game. 'Crash Course' will be released in September for the PC and Xbox 360 and feature new content for single player, mutli player, and co-op gameplay modes..."

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ThePoorman3395d ago

Yeaaaah!! More zombie killin goodness, I am in.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33395d ago

Does anyone really think Valve would be releasing DLC for L4D this close to the release of L4D2 if it wasn't for the negative response it got initially?

I am a skeptic when it comes for L4D2, I can not help but think since this is Valve's only game slated for release this year they almost had to price it at full retail value. I also think they could have easily added this content to L4D1 via update.

They are doing amazing things w/ DLC these days. I would much rather pay 15-20$ for DLC than 60$ for a game that is going to go down to the 20$ price range less than 6 months after release(like the first L4D)

I just think its funny how Valve acts like they totally disregaurd people's negative opinions over their new game, yet they keep doing stuff like this, which is obviously in response to the critisisms being levelled at them.

Bnet3433395d ago

Tony, if you do not want to pay $60 for L4D2, then wait for the weekend sale on Steam that will put it for $25. L4D1 and WH40k:DoW2 got that treatment.

evrfighter3395d ago

take notes console fanboys.

Petitions I still believe don't work for jack. However, Boycotts will show results.

MiloGarret3395d ago

Yes, they made an extra campaign in like a month or so just to satisfy the boycotters, absolutely.

/end sarcasm

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Nelson M3395d ago

A Crash Course in Brain Surgery for Buying a 3Shitsty

NaiNaiNai3395d ago

Im so sorry nelson. Sorry that your stuck with the POS3. XD you don't even have any good games this year. I would feel bad for you but as you say.


Winter47th3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

- Free on the PC, but costs 7$ on the 360.
- Only a 30 minutes experience.
- The Game costs 10$ less on the PC but they still charge for more.
- So you'll have to pay both for LIVE which is free-play on the other platforms, and for the DLC and that too is free for the PC.

Not to mention the so called strongest title they have this year is a refurbished version of a 3 year old game, Halo: BOTS.

If anybody supporting those legitimate-scams isn't a bot, then I don't know what is.

It's just so sad :'(

RockmanII73395d ago

Dude, ODST is better than any other PS3 title released or announced.

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Roper3163395d ago

figures that MS makes them charge for the 360 for what they would give us for free. And people actually like MS as a company which I really don't understand.

kaveti66163395d ago

I don't like any company just for the fact that they are a company, and therefore their number one reason for doing anything is money. Anyone who likes any company should really reconsider. Microsoft made a defective console and people say, "It explodes, it burns your house down." Funnily enough, there are no recorded cases of this. Ironically, Sony made and distributed million of defective, exploding laptop batteries that actually did hurt people. In a twist of fanboyism, Sony lovers tend to ignore the fact that Sony has made mistakes as well. If you like any company, be ready to accept that every company has made huge mistakes.

N4G king3395d ago


the 360 just got another DLC

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