iPhone Footprint Review: Aqua Globs; fun game on the iPhone

iPhone Footprint writes: "I really dislike having to use this word to describe any game, but I can't help but say that this game is cute. Or it may be the colorful globs that are cute. Whatever it is, something makes Aqua Globs work, whether it is the cuteness factor or otherwise.

And even though it's fun to play a game with multiple features, sometimes the simplicity of a game can add to its appeal. There are orange and blue globs which roam aimlessly on the screen. We, as the all-knowing controlling factor, have to join them by drawing a line using our finger between two similarly colored globs.

Once we have joined two orange or blue globs together, they form bigger globs which we can join with other bigger globs. We have to be careful that an orange and blue glob does not bump into each other, for we lose a life then. We are given only three lives, and so we better make each life count."

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