STP: Sexy Poker 2009 Review

STP writes: ""Important," reads the warning that pops up when you install Sexy Poker 2009, "this program contains material that may be objectionable to children under 17." That's right, people, the App Store just got a whole lot sexier, and we at Slide To Play are bringing the hotness straight to your browser. Sexy Poker 2009, developed by Ludigames, is the complete strip poker package-- minus the nudity.

No nudity, you ask? Of course not. This is the family-friendly App Store we're talking about.

But rest assured that clothes will vanish, even if the women wearing them are hand-drawn and only strip down to bra and panties. Playing this game, however, does feel a little racy. These may be cartoon ladies, but with the suggestive poses, double entendres, and varying states of undress on display, we felt uncomfortable playing the game in public."

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