Gay Gamers taking a Stand

'Gaymers' Pride

Gay gamers want the opportunity to play as homosexual characters in games and say same-sex kissing in 'Bully' is a good start. (4.13.07)

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HaKeRsCanRotINHEL3735d ago

気遣うかだれが陽気なgamersを、知っている。 その同類は皆この頃は余りに陽気な人々または何かを曲げなければ ならない。 私は性交をそれ言う。 ゲイは涼しいの私のろば! : ) WORD...

Arkham3735d ago

Imagine that. The first assinine comment was in the very first post. Wow.

Grow up.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL3735d ago

I could care less about what "gamers" think or want! In general, if your gay thats your business don't force it on me.

techie3734d ago

"Gay people need to get over themselves" WTF.

Arkham3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Google translation of your Japanese comments:

"Someone has known cheerful gamers, whether you worry. As for the same type as for this time of everyone excessively the cheerful people or what must be bent. The i sexual intercourse that am. Gay is cool my donkey!"

And just for the hell of it, I ran it through Chinese-to-English too:

"He sent them perceive But you will not perceive Yang gamers not know, do I know. And the same is all the hectares This is more than thereof Yang perceive you in Allah and your what? Who swerve to keep back all the worlds. Sexual intercourse is private Who is! And Plan of Mary is the chilly private the Day away!"

(Yeah, it's a slow day.)

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL3732d ago

Google needs to hire some new translators. :)

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Rooted_Dust3735d ago

If homosexual people want more gay characters, they better go out and found their own studio, because no developer is going to make a game that repels most of the gaming community. Also if 'gaymers' have a problem with the homophobia of the gaming community, they had better grow thicker skins, because as much as they have the right to be gay, other gamers have the right to reject it. I am not a homophobe, but I am a realist, and I can't see any developer taking this seriously...maybe Rockstar :P.

-_-_-_-_-_-_-3734d ago

Maybe they should just make it optional. The beauty of interactive entertainment is that you can have options. You just choose whether you want vibration, yor difficulty level and whether your character is str8, gay or bi. There are many gay and bi people, I have friends that are like that and they are gamers as well.

techie3735d ago

FOr a start "Gaymers"... what a horrible term.

I do see where they are coming from...when games have options about sexual things...such as bully or sims, then their option should be allowed. But often when a Gears...has overt hetrosexual men as the characters...well that's their character. Often sexuality is nothing to do with this, but just a breadth of different characters is more healthy, perhaps less overtly hetrosexual americans in games? I don't know...I mean some Japanses games offer an alternative.

But really who knows whether half of these characters are gay or not...who knows and who cares?

nice_cuppa3735d ago

cole started mincing about and singing its raining men !

i would die !

" oh baby that was a nice kill marcus !"

oh yeah ! you like that ?"

"hell yeah baby why dont you come over hear and ride the train !"


nice_cuppa3735d ago

come on marge its time to get homer sexual !

techie3735d ago

"cole started mincing about and singing its raining men !" - well right there we have a misconception. Although that would be very this context if you think having gay characters means they mince, or as volupuntary says "stupid tinkle twat from zelda" - that means they are gay...well no it doesn't. As I said sexuality is not relevant for many games, scope of characters and non-sexual based humour is relevant. For games like Bully and the Sims, it should be an acceptable choice.

But I do find it quite disturbing that those reporting are doing so because they don't agreee with what is being said - it seems to be another way of silencing a minority.

I am not approving as I cannot see the video and see if it is worth anything. I don't think I agree with what they ask for though.

bung tickler3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

i reported it because i think the story is "lame" if that wasn't a valid reason to report a story why is it an option? this isn't news worthy. like i said they have that fairy from zelda and all those male spiky haired makeup wearing guys in like 90% of jap games. they have nothing to b!tch about.

p.s. just so everyone knows im not trying to hate on gays but like rooted said above "as much as they have the right to be gay, other gamers have the right to reject it."

techie3735d ago

If you think it's lame that's fine, but your reasoning is insulting and flawed.

"like i said they have that fairy from zelda and all those male spiky haired makeup wearing guys in like 90% of jap games."

Many gay people are not feminine in the way you say, and that is quite insulting to infer that this is what is being talked about.

But still I partially agree that sexuality is not needed for characters in most games.

To below. Is it about playing as the character...or just having visibility within games as movies have done? This debate was made in the 1960's for the visibility of gay people in the media, maybe the debate should be held in that area. But really I'm not sure where I stand in this...i feel it is only relevant in games like Bully and The Sims.

bung tickler3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

you say what i'm saying is insulting, yet you say yourself it's about visibility... well you can't have it both ways! if they don't like the stereotypical "gay fairy" then what are they b1tching about in the first place? they can just pretend that mario takes it in the pipe if thats what would please them. but what they are asking for is VISIBLE GAYNESS and well then like i said before "they have that fairy from zelda and all those male spiky haired makeup wearing guys in like 90% of jap games."

techie3734d ago

No they are not asking for "gayness". Uh. Look to Bully for what they may be looking for. Perhaps they are asking for less dominance in American games of overtly hetrosexual characters?

-_-_-_-_-_-_-3734d ago

It's just about that in GodOfWar you should have an option for those sex minigames. They were all bisexual in ancient greece anyway, it was like a tradition back then. Especially among Spartan wariors. And Kratos is Spartan haha. It's not that I get sexually aroused watching polygonal man-on-man action but it would be interesting to see, haha. I too curious?

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Dlacy13g3735d ago

That is pretty much where this kind of game would fall into. The masses don't want to play as a gay character. You at best get to choose male or female and that has a set path of voiceovers, annimations and story line. To create a additional 2...don't forget the lesbian would mean twice as much voice, more annimations and possible content due to story differences. And this all for what percentage of possible sales...maybe 5%? (sorry I could be wrong but I just dont see the gay community being all that huge in gaming...nor big enough in one title to amount to a higher %). Anyway, it's just not good business strategy this point. Put the stats up and make the business case and companies would listen, but with out the dollars...this is a pointless debate.