AppVee: Minigore Review

Minigore is a dual shooter app with controls and gameplay almost identical to iDracula and other games of that type. The app is basically a survival game where the player is stuck in an arena and enemies are thrown at them continuously until the player is defeated. The controls are pretty basic with one joystick for movement and one joystick for firing weapons.

John Gore is stuck in a forest being attacked by Furries of all different kinds, and it is up to you, the player, to keep him alive as long as possible. With voiceovers by Arin Hanson, better know as Egoraptor the creator of the Metal Gear Awesome cartoons and a some great cartoon graphics, this app is an extremely fun experience. With different enemies and three different weapons not including the crazy transformation that can happen by collecting enough clovers, the app is a fun casual game that fits well for killing some time.

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