Thanks Microsoft, you brought competition

GamesThirst writes: Long gone are the days when one company dominated a Generation. That era seem so distant in light of what is occurring today. Exclusives were an easy grab, but now, it's more a decision of positioning one's self rather than console or brand loyalty. No more can they be overconfident, nor can they overlook the competition; it's a fierce battle for dominance. But more and more with each passing day, week, and year, what I'm seeing is, there will be no runaway winner this time around, (exclude Nintendo). Why? Well you would have to rally back 4years into the past.

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cooldude1233332d ago

great article, however, i'm not on either side.

firezone3332d ago

i would have to say that's a good article, however, believe Sony is doing a better job than Microsoft now, it almost seem like M$'s retreating

niceboy3332d ago

Two giants fighting till one is down and the other victorious. I see none letting down now