New Final Fantasy 'will rule PSP'

Square Enix is confident that Dissidia Final Fantasy will outperform all of the series' previous entries on PSP.

The upcoming beat-'em-up has already met success in Japan, and now the publisher is sure it will set new records in the UK, surpassing that of its predecessors such as the 2008 smash hit, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII.

"Crisis Core was the PSP's summertime smash for last year. Thanks to Dissidia's strength of narrative and solid fighting mechanics, it manages to remain essential to the Final Fantasy hardcore whilst still becoming the definitive beat-'em-up for PSP," Square sales director Doug Bone told MCV.

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Rampaged Death3396d ago

I 100% agree with Square Enix. It's a top notch beat em up and probably the best game I have played on the PSP.

raztad3396d ago

How long is the game? is it a full fledged RPG or just a beat'em up?

gaffyh3396d ago

I doubt it, because it's a beat em up, and not an RPG.

40cal3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

Certified Day One purchase for me. This might just give Chains of Olympus and MGS PO a run for there money at the top of the PSP games list.

Kamikaze1353396d ago

Final Fantasy games kick ass and I love them, but once LittleBigPlanet and MGS come out....people will forget about this game. Plus it doesn't get any better than Crisis Core.

Rampaged Death3396d ago

It's a proper beat em up like Super Smash Bros.

raztad3396d ago

Ok. Thanks.

Not so sure if I want this game now. Lets try the demo.


has some very seroius piracy issues.....U can do it yourself easily of go on craigslist and get it done with games for 50 bucks ...I hope the game sells so we can see a ps3/360 version of it

f7897903396d ago

Looks like I'm going to be reporting some dumba***s to the authorities.

saimcheeda3396d ago

like the PSP this gen....they should put some effort for the ps3 too!

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The story is too old to be commented.