GamePro Arcade PSN Review - Fat Princess

Gamepro Arcade writes: "The concept behind Fat Princess could nver exist in any other entertainment medium. It is so out there that it would only feel natural with a controller in your hand.

That idea is the featured game mode, an updated take on the classic Capture the Flag gameplay, with a princess serving as the flag. In order to make her tougher to steal and bring back to the opposing base, each team must feed the captured princess as much cake as possible to fatten her up. By doing so, she will be a larger and heavier 'flag.'"

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Cartesian3D3392d ago

this game is hilarious in every aspect.. one of the most fun PSN games Iv ever seen .. cant wait to get this one. (I have several works to do this week DAMN!!!)

wiggles3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Oh man, idk if I should feel bad for you or not...I downloaded it day one....and all I can think about is chubby chasing her fat ass all around the map... it's such an amazingly fun game that you can't stop thinking about!