Artist Recounts Fall Of Wheelman Dev Midway Newcastle

Steve Pick, senior GUI artist for shuttered UK-based studio Midway Newcastle, described in a recent blog post a rollercoaster of emotions that led up to the ultimate closure of his studio in the wake of Midway's bankruptcy.

Pick said that Midway's February 2009 Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing was the first big red flag, but even at that, the studio, which was still working on the Vin Diesel-starring action game Wheelman, "just got on with it."

Eventually, through a publishing partnership with Ubisoft, Wheelman shipped, and garnered mixed reviews. Because of the wide spectrum of review scores, Pick speculated whether the more negative reviews could have been influenced by the "Midway" name and reputation.

"The company name was unfortunately synonymous with disappointment, cheap and tacky... was it deserved? I'm not sure... it wasn't as if any of us in the studio were skimping on our workloads," Pick said.

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