Sacred 2: Console add-on still planned

German developer Ascaron had recently closed its doors. Their latest game Sacred 2: Fallen Angel will be taken on by Deep Silver and Koch Media.

While the new PC add-on "Ice & Blood" comes out in August, Ascaron/Deep Silver/Koch Media were quiet about the console release.

Now it's known that the expansion is still planned. The add-on Ice & Blood is scheduled for December 09/January 10 for PS3 and Xbox360.

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iiraymoii3391d ago

Ill settle for some damn patches! I have yet to pick this up on my ps3 and I refuse to pick it up on my 360 since most of my friends that want to play it have a PS3 and unfortunately my laptop can not run it (I wish).

Baba19063390d ago

it was ok. but the lack of a real story is kind of dissapointing. why make a single player rpg with no real story or cutscenes. thats like making a shooter with no shooting. the character and gameplays is fun though.