Lens of Truth: G.I. Joe - Rise of the Cobra Comparison (720p)

Lens of Truth writes, "Our Head2Head this week focuses on the upcoming G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra game based on the movie of the same name. We sat down with the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 copies to get a good look at the gameplay, controls, visuals, and overall performance of the game on both consoles. So which console is working for the Joes and which version is Cobra in disguise?"

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jaidek3334d ago

We are used to texture issues on the PS3, but I have never seen FMV playback issues like that before. What the hell happened on the PS3 side?!?!

evildeli3334d ago

This game sucks Cobra's Commander.

Shogun Master3333d ago

nice comparison but I'll be skipping this one for sure.

Baron793333d ago

Yikes, looks more like G.I. Blow it seems. Great comparison though LoT.

Sea_Man3333d ago

Nice touch with the HDMI setting roll overs! Now no one can refute that it is in Full RGB mode on the PS3.

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sak5003334d ago

Hahahh teh powa of teh cell

3333d ago
Ninji3334d ago

This is an xbot site much like Gametrailers, you won't get an equal comparison.

It's a mediocre game (much like the movie) anyhow so I don't think anyone cares how it looks.

RudeSole Devil3334d ago

What the hell was wrong with the PS3 version???????????????????

jaidek3334d ago

So they are a fanboy site because they show you what each version looks like....right. If you take a closer look you will see they give wins to the PS3 and sometimes the game ties. But you must really be in denial if you think that third party games are equal between the consoles. Sometimes they are...most of the times they are not.

redsquad3333d ago

Have you seen the movie then?
It's been getting pretty good reviews actually.

pure pwnage243334d ago

when they compare a game people care about then I'll look into this, like a Modern Warfare 2 Lens of Truth

Kiroe3334d ago

I guess this has been a slow month for games...

evildeli3333d ago

Calling this a "game" just makes the whole industry look bad.

3333d ago
Kiroe3334d ago

yeah, this game is just plain bad. I guess no matter how bad the game, it is always worse on the PS3.

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The story is too old to be commented.