Edge: Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta Review

Of course, this could have been the best of Fallout's downloads. They all could have. It's not easy giving consecutive middling scores to these updates because, as DLC goes, they're more generous, creative and adventurous than most. Released according to a gamer's schedule rather than a developer's, each coming mere weeks after the last, they beg for whatever sympathy you can salvage. But in the case of Mothership Zeta, for all the love that's gone into it, that's as uncertain an amount as ever.

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RAM MAGNUMS3392d ago

Dont do it !

I read it and they go on on about glitches and how something couldnt hold thier attention or pull them away from the pub. in the middle of thier review are words you need to look up in a dictionary, phrases not even mei ling would say and pure redundant nonsence because they use a thesaurus to explain the same sentiment with 15 words that mean the same thing.

TheColbertinator3392d ago

Wow Edge is full of sh!t.I think they just rushed MZ.