DualShockers Review: Fat Princess


"Out of all the games shown in the past year, none have managed to peek my interest as much as Fat Princess. I don't know if it was the art style, the adorable sprites, or the outlandish premise but there was something about this title that had me counting down the days to it's release and it's finally here. So does Fat Princess live up to the hype?..."

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Marcelles253391d ago

Because they will put this score as an 8 but really its a 9

thats why they are so messed up and not reliable

iiprotocolii3392d ago

I will have to concur with the review. Although the connection issues can seem tedious - which I hope will get fixed -, the game itself offers a great deal of fun. It's definitely in its own league.

taz80803391d ago

Wonder if this goes to 360 soon?