A rare Nintendo stumble as Vitality Sensor lacks killer app

Nintendo suffered a rare misstep when it announced the Vitality Sensor with nary a single game. Nintendo keeps talking up the hardware to the press, but without a single real-world gaming use detailed, we remain skeptical.

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ChickeyCantor3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

" Nintendo messed up: the Japanese giant can only get away with its crazy moves when it has the software to back it up."

How did they mess up? As you said we have no idea what will come out of it.
As a matter of fact i totally forgot about this thing.

When you bring something like this, there must be some brilliance to it.
I honestly don't see MS or Sony EVER come up with something like this, it just seems risky.
Its either the new virtual boy or something that is brilliantly used in games.

N4g_null3395d ago

It's bait. Nintendo knows what they are going to use it for. The funny thing is pilots use these things also. It also uses light to extrapolate data from your body. it can do a few things like even measure how much oxygen is in your blood stream.

It is funny but I think nintendo understands the hardcore gamer more than they do. It as if they are slowly putting gamer thur a bunch of test to get them ready for what is next in gaming. Gamer do need to calm down more and learn to have fun.

Action is great yet so is sportsman ship. The funny thing is nintendo is realizing TRON to to speak... we have motion control gaming and all of the games from that movie are fully playable now yet few kids have actually watch that movie to the end. So they don't understand how cool it is. On top of this if you have ever played the game in the arcade then you get the same feeling.

I mean really imagine a FPS where you actually can increase your abilities by increasing you heart rate. I know a quick burst of adrenalin has help me beat countless foes online and inside carts for ages.

Some times it's the simplest thing that can make gaming more fun. Nintendo is the only company look at these things. They are the only company catering to the market as a whole rather than carving out a niche of gamers to be milked.

It is funny how most gamers with HD console totally hate the wii while the wii owners are not even caring about the HD battles at all. When some thing comes out we just go get what we wanted. You don't get 15 million sales from hype those sales are from fun.

It is sort of like when sony said rumble was not needed. Some thing like that is not needed to SONy because they are not about making video games they are only about beating the other manufactures. Imagine when a game changes to relax you or changes in order to test your focus. Imagine what a games Ai could do with such information?