Namco Bandai's Best-Selling Games Are...

Namco Bandai today released their Q1 2010 earnings report. And buried amidst the boring money stuff (net sales are down 15.8%) is something a little more interesting: game sales data.

Listed were the publisher's top five-selling games for the quarter ending June 30, 2009 (as in, only those sold during that three-month period, not lifetime sales). Those expecting Nintendo-like numbers will be disappointed, but those who love Afro Samurai - or just numbers in general - will be thrilled!

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GameGambits3392d ago

Poor Namco. Their best selling game isn't even well reviewed or high in sales. The other 4 are just jokes anyways. Hopefully they shuffle up some good game ideas for this next quarter to keep afloat since I like the Tales of series.

Maddens Raiders3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

this is what they get for unleashing Ace Combat to a foreign audience and abandoning the outright loyalty of the PS horde; otherwise ruining the track record of an excellent franchise.

where in the world is KK and that fkn Cellius...? >_<