Why did Sony order more PS3 components?

According to Taiwan-based IC distributors, Sony recently increased orders for key PlayStation 3 components. We're talking about enough parts to produce a million PS3s for the third quarter, which is much more than what Sony usually orders. What does it all mean? Mike Got Game presents a couple of theories.

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If they reach 300 bucks they will sell like wiis...

InfectedDK3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

Maybe both possibilities are correct?
The "normal" PS3 will sell great because it's gettin' a price cut..
The slim will sell great because it's new and the library is astonishing at the moment and GT5 is soon to be released..

Here in Denmark the PS Triple is still around 550 bucks and that is cheap by the way.. I bought mine for 1000 dollars back when it released..

FamilyGuy3393d ago

Anyways, they ordered more because Christmas is coming, they do this every year and so do the other companies.

darthv723393d ago

As much as i would like to believe a price cut would create a surge of sales. The gimick of the wii is poised to attack again this xmas for the hundreds of thousands of families that didnt get one last xmas. Sony and ms will still sell systems and being cheaper than the wii you would think it should sell more.

If the 360 cant outsell the more expensive wii then why is it hard to believe the cheaper ps3 will do better? It can't be all about the games either as the 360 has better games as does the ps3. The wii just seems to be THE thing each and every year.

raztad3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )


You have a point but dont forget brand name. PS is a huge brand. Besides, Wii is slowing down everywhere but Japan looks really saturated. Just in time for FFXIII, that will sell PS3 as pancakes. GT5 will be another system seller. If Sony advertise UC2 properly I have not doubts it will sell a lot of PS3 as well.

HQLocated1113392d ago

Why does EVERYTHING that Sony does get leaked onto the internet?

FinalFantasyFanatic3392d ago

Maybe they do it on purpose. Saves money on advertising if you can get people excited over possible rumours.

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A_Little_Girl3393d ago

sony is trying to produce as much as ps3 as possible for this holiday season

mikegotgame3393d ago

That's possible, but with recent rumors that the 80GB PS3 will be discontinued in Japan, this might actually mean something.

Knightrid8083393d ago

I think they're also building up their inventory for the release of FF XIII. We all know how much the Japanese love FF.

A_Little_Girl3393d ago

yeah, it means sony will destroye microsoft this holiday season

Chubear3393d ago

cause MS seem to routinely slash their price tag leading into Christmas to make sure they atleast match up with or have slightly better sales than the PS3.

I'm thinking MS is going to have their arcade version go down to either $179 or $149 this Christmas.

sack_boi3393d ago

Right now I only have a PS3 and I'm waiting for Sony to drop the price on the PS3 to get an X360, because then, Microsoft will probably be giving out X360 bundles for free (dirt cheap I mean).

-Mezzo-3393d ago

they are aware that with the price drop and a slim version coming up they will sell Ps3's like crazy and thus the supply must be full.