Gameloft bringing military FPS Modern Combat: Sandstorm to iPhone

Gameloft has been responsible for some fine, original games. But it's also been responsible for a great many fine, derivative games, the most recent of which is the ludicrously promising Gangstar: West Coast Hustle.

If that game is GTA for the iPhone, then Modern Combat: Sandstorm is Call of Duty. Gameloft announced Modern Combat today with a brief Twitter post linking to a YouTube video. It's a slick-looking game complete with what looks like a solid control scheme, though it's far too early to say whether it'll be any good.

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PS360WII3391d ago

Gameloft certainly is pumping out titles on the iPhone. I wonder how they'll do the controls. 3rd person shooters seem to work for the most part on the iPhone but FPS still need some work. Gameloft has some work on their hands.