Retailers Take The Hit For Lack Of Wii Price Cut - The Wii is unquestionably popular and while sales have been slowing down, retailers are still trying to hook in consumers to purchase Wii consoles and since Nintendo increased the price of the console to stores, the cost has not been passed onto consumers in an effort to compete with other stores on the high street, and online...

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knox3395d ago

i say the wii doesnt need a price cut

Saaking3395d ago

The wii is not worth the 250 I paid for it. Sure it has great games, but I really wish it had been 199. Oh well, I already bought one so a price cut won't affect me in any way.

ChickeyCantor3395d ago

"he wii is not worth the 250 I paid for it"

So the wii just grabbed you by your hand, walked you up to the counter and you payed for it?

Whats your secret?!

In our local Media Markt price is actually dropped 20 euro's...

skapunkmetalskater3395d ago

If it wasn't worth the 250 you paid for it why did you buy it? If you don't think a console is worth the price tag you don't buy it, that's why they bring a price cut along later to convert those folks into customers

N4g_null3395d ago

tsk tsk some one is not making sense. Or may be you don' have one? The wii is fine a perfect price. It does not alienate it's customers and it does not turn them into HD graphics whores only. It also keeps the boycotters at bay. Like most people you buy what you want not some thing some one promised.

Seriously leave the fanboy stuff at the door man. If the Wii got a price drop then it would be game over for real for the HD consoles.

Saaking3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

I'm just saying I'd much rather have paid $199. I bought the Wii due to Nintendo's first party games. Yea, you're all right, I contradicted my self.

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Saaking3395d ago

X360 is cheaper and offers more than the wii and it still can't outsell it. How sad.

Gue13395d ago

Yeah, the masses tend to chose things just based on their popularity and in this case the Wii is the most popular of all the consoles.

MajestieBeast3395d ago

Ye cause the only thing ps3 and 360 owners think about is gfx scissor. Atleast im playing games what are you playing besides mediocre 3rd party titles and wii insert any word here.

Shnazzyone3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

yeah because no more heroes is medeocre, and so is Prime Trilogy, Madworld, Smash Bros mario kart and the other games you don't get to play. Because it's not like 360 or ps3 have mediocre titles. Haze, hail to the chimp and the hannah montana games are quality AAA titles one and all.

KILLA J3395d ago

$250 it's too expensive for a toy

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