MMOs go Arabian in New Gaming Deal

Koku Gamer writes: 'A media company funded by the government of Abu Dhabi are teaming up with California-based publisher/developer Gazillion Entertainment to make online games for the Arab nations.'

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Ziriux3421d ago

Oh gosh I hope gaming doesn't go religious on us. I mean what is an Arabian MMO going to consist of? I hope not anything prejudice. I'm not sure about this project.

A HiFi3421d ago

I'm sure it'll be fine. The Arabian business world seems to be quite modern, hence why it is open to the idea of generating games aimed at Arabian players.

Reibooi3421d ago

Well there was some games made for a middle east country not to long ago that was extremely offensive and pretty much consisted of killing every race other then themselves.

However I hope this deal wouldn't result in such and I doubt it would seeing as they have the involvement of a US company on board.

A HiFi3421d ago

Well, it also has governmental involvement in that the company are backed by the Abu Dhabi government.

RedDeadLB3421d ago

Who cares, I know I never play MMO's. Especially Arabic MMO's.

Ziriux3421d ago

Yea plus it'll be costly I'm sure, oh well at least it's only staying in that region so we don't have much to worry about.

A HiFi3421d ago

It could lead to some significant steps in the Arab world though for gaming. I can imagine that the money would be very appealing for developers. We may see some new studios crop up if this is successful.

Wonderfulwest3421d ago

will they make a game out of eveything. I want a game aimed at white english people now, the same thing when you think about it

A HiFi3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

Most of the current MMOs are aimed towards Western and Eastern markets. I think it's fair.

N4G king3421d ago

its about time!!!!!
we need things like this
there is a looooooooooooooot af arabs playing vid. games
this will make a lot of money
i will buy one of those games for sure

A HiFi3421d ago

Good to know there are a lot of Arabs out there playing video games. Hopefully this'll halt the stigma of Arabs not being big video game players.

ape0073421d ago

im from saudi arabia

there are a lot of great arab gamers here

videogames ftw

shadowfox63421d ago

I hope Arabs get more involved at gaming & more skilled at developing as years go by, as well as other countries. It's a good thing to share the love of video games with every part of the world, games might bring the world together :D

A HiFi3420d ago

Hehe, that's a good point! Bubble for your optimism.

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