Unreal Engine 3, Threading Building Blocks Incorporated

Ve3tro writes "Epic is incorporating Intels Threading Building Blocks into the Unreal Engine 3. Luckily for developers Epic will be releasing the new licensees at no extra cost.

Epic and Intel both had comments to say about this announcement.

Dr. Michael Capps, Epic said. "Bringing Intel into the Integrated Partners Program and integrating Intel TBB into Unreal Engine 3 ensures our licensees are within reach of the best development tools available," "This partnership will help minimize the work required to author multithreaded applications for Unreal-powered games and, in the long term, provide developers with greater access to Intel Tools."

"Intel is committed to providing the very best tools for parallel programming like Intel TBB and our new Parallel Studio suite," "By integrating Intel TBB in the Unreal Engine and sharing it with their licensees at no additional cost, Epic is facilitating parallelism to spur greater multi-core innovation among game developers." said James Reinders, Intel."

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darkequitus3396d ago

Larrabee stealth optimization no doubt.