Can New PlayStation Chief Beat the Wii?

Sony's ultra-high-tech machine has trailed the competition from Microsoft and Nintendo. Lately the gaming unit's cost overruns and ongoing technology investments have hurt Sony's bottom line. They have also caused a headache for Chairman Howard Stringer, who has spent the past two years pushing through reforms and selling off assets aimed at turning around the company's key electronics division....

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techie4247d ago

hm...I think a lot of it is down to Harrison and software...Kutarigi was hardware and vision.

Xi4247d ago

he was also the one that completely decimated the budget on both the cell and the ps3.

Xi4247d ago

what's your point. I read the article, and I also know that the R&D on the cell was extremely high, the R&D on the ps3 was really high, and the demand for the ps3 isn't very high (yet). The guy wasn't a saint dude, why do you treat him like one, hell he's the one that almost killed nintendo, and he backed out of the contract on the CD format for games.

techie4247d ago

I don't treat him like a saint. But why are you trolling?

Xi4247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

Why because I disagree with your opinion on who's at fault?
Yet you insist I get out because you don't like that i disagree with you and I'm the troll.
You come to the thread and the first thing you do is place blame on, 1 a spokes person, that's not directly affiliated with the development, technology, and research of the console, and yet protect the person who went over budget, and probably cost some of the software that would be sony exclusives. Truth is ken messed a lot of things up, he was a hard person to work with(if you read the article you should know this) he went over budget without permission from higher ups, he never helped with his pr, and yet you still support him.

Give me a break deep, I'm not the troll here, I simply disagree with you. If i was a troll I would be saying M$ sucks sony is so much better.

edit for below.
please enlighten me what negative thing did I say?

techie4247d ago

Well if you want to enter into a discussion about the price of the ps3 and the inclusion of the cell and blu-ray of the ps3, and kutarigis involvement in that, then please do. Rather than going around saying one negative sentence just for the sake of it when this guy has just exited the company.

The cell and blu-ray are good decisions this gen, it's just the price is too high.

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power0919994247d ago

I wouldn't put it past Sony to surprise a lot of us.

However Wii has yet to show any signs of slowing down. It's a monster.

razer4247d ago

Nobody should count Sony out of this. They are just coming into their own. However, unless the Wii's novelty wears off it's going to own both the 360 and PS3. Which somewhat makes sense with its MUCH lower price-point and games that are aimed at children. Many parents are cautious about violent games and with 100 Mario games you know you are getting a more "Disneyland" type of experience then a hardcore one.

QuackPot4247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

Remember that we haven't even reached the quarter stage of Ps3's life cycle.

Ps3's games library is only six months old like wise the quality of its net service. The next two years is when the major game releses will be coming, experience gained and price dropped.

The Wii is benefiting from reltively cheap new fun that as yet hasn't been matched by the next gens. But that will change - eg the Eyetoy.

Things will be different 10 - no 5 - years from now.

kewlkat0074247d ago

to count Sony OUT, but right now they are DOWN, just not OUT. Plenty of rounds to go. They also have a formidable underdog opponent after the Wii also.

sumfood4u4247d ago

everyone says that about Nintendo! but doesn't Playstation have Barbie, Ed Edd & Eddie, Barney, Rugrats,Blue's Clue, as well a 7 handful of kiddie games? Stop hating on Nintendo's success, Wii is aimed at people of all ages, it's just way cheaper than PS3 Donald Trump Tupei Price. That's all I'm saying! Nintendo just makes games for gammers, not certain ages like PS2/3.

Xi4247d ago

Nintendo has only published one mature rated game.

ItsDubC4246d ago

Shigeru Miyamoto's videogame philosophy, which greatly influences that of Nintendo, is that games should be able to be enjoyed by all audiences. They don't want to exclude a particular demographic from a game by including adult themes, nor do they feel that the inclusion of adult themes necessarily adds value to games. Therefore, I don't feel that Nintendo targets children just because they don't publish a lot of mature-rated games.

And IF Nintendo were specifically targetting children, then their marketing campaign is horrible. I know far more adults who are interested in the Wii than children.

ItsDubC4247d ago

I'd love to see the PS3 become more successful because being only one of three major consoles on the market right now, its success will only drive the game industry as a whole forward. Sony will not let the PS3 fall too far behind the competition, just as Nintendo and MS will not let their respective consoles fall too far behind. Sony just needs more time. Lower-cost production methods and parts, wider acceptance of BluRay, and an ever-increasing game library will all help the PS3 become more competitive.

THAMMER14246d ago

That was a mouth full of waht Sony "just needs".

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