TV, video games blamed for low vitamin D

High TV and video game use are to blame for millions of U.S. children having alarmingly low vitamin D levels, U.S. researchers said in a study published Monday.

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Cat3396d ago

And I blame sending kids to school during prime daylight hours, or people living in places like Cleveland where the sun don't shine! Also like this line "The researchers also blamed the low vitamin D levels on children using sunscreen when they do go outdoors"

Need to get the story straight, should we lather up with sunscreen and send the kiddies to school or all move to Florida and hit the beach? If the latter, we're all bringing our handhelds.

Maddens Raiders3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

play games, and watch TV......outside! (doing it outside while naked might be nice too, depending on your physique and personal hangups of your neighbors of course..) lol

Cat3396d ago

Like all those outdoor kitchens, outdoor game/living room! And yes, definitely naked, b/c you need 20 minutes a day, minimum, of "complete" sun exposure. You have to add precious minutes for every stitch you've got on.

A HiFi3395d ago

The naked thing is a good point.