FFXIII - No 'Downgrade'

From Gametrailers:

"I wanted to post this because there's been loads of threads created in confusion over the article. There was some site reporting that FFXIII has seen a downgrade, and so GT has been spewing with hate all day. That is false."

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pure pwnage242940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

His eyes have been blinded from the bright red headlights from his xbox 360

By the way 3sq LOL that was funny, bubblez up man!

DonCorneo2940d ago

because it is already ugly to begin with.

Simon_Brezhnev2940d ago

lmao you should know xbox fanboys are the most delusional truth before their eyes but you know square is going to make 360 better clearer because of microsoft's money either way Vs13 will look better then both of them.

ShinMaster2940d ago

On the "rpgamer" links, if you get a hot-linking error, just wait a bit and the pic will load up automatically.

Gue12940d ago

@3sq you should do a blog or something and then submit it on N4G. =)

SaberEdge2940d ago

The gametrailers post already answered all that. Those are from an older build. The most current trailers have looked amazing.

Pistolero2940d ago

Who is this nasim guy?...he seems like a moron from what I gather.

coolirisGB2939d ago

A mythical fanboy with dangerous fanatical resolve. People PM me telling me of the legends. Some say he has 30 accounts and he make up the majority of all fanatical PS3 fanboys on this site. Some say he is able to hack this site and he studies how it works so he can control N4G.

2939d ago
Lawliet2939d ago

Well I don't know about the downgrading thing. But you do get this part right.

These are not CGI

These are CGI

Actually to see the differences between an in-game and CGI is hair comparison. No developers get those right hahaha it's almost impossible! Nonetheless it still look amazing! Final-Fantasy always been story and gameplay wise, so just enjoy the game dammit!

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360_Owners_Are_Bums2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

Let's be honest. Developers know they are dealing with low class and low intellect gamers when they sell or develop Xbox 360 games.

Multiplatform development is no different.

For every corner they can cut because of the inferiority of the Xbox 360 much like its users), they know they can get away with perhaps increased revenue for any low brow tactics to sell to 360 users.

What is sad is that the average 360 owner is either a 30+ year old ditch digger who holds a dead end job or a pre-pubescent teen who is probably so spoiled his parents have forgotten how to discipline them and leading their child to the aforementioned example of the 30+ year old man child who trolls the internet all day long at a dead end job.

FFXIII would have been a masterpiece on the high class PS3 system if it was an exclusive. Now it is going to appeal to the lower life form known as the 360 user. Perhaps Square Enix will make use of the advanced technology in the PS3 but I doubt it considering they have to probably have to use the limited capacity of DVD-9 technology reserved for the monkeys known as 360 owners.

Microsoft really created a generation of trash and filth when they made the 360. Hopefully, next generation will be a little more classier.

kaveti66162940d ago

Don't be an elitist jackass. At the end of the day, the PS3 is a glorified game machine. It's not a dialysis machine, or a cancer pill, or anything of that magnitude of importance. I can tell you that the Xbox 3 will be more powerful than the PS3 so what's the point in bashing the Xbox brand, seeing as it will continue to evolve.

360_Owners_Are_Bums2940d ago

You see PS3 owners? Look at the filthy Xbox 360 owner who decided to take a break from watching Maury and Jerry Springer to troll on the internet. I mean, hell, even his profile states he is a poor sloth:

"I like games. My budget prevents me from owning every console ever created and every game to boot. I am a gaming fanboy, not a sales fanboy or a console fanboy. I have been known to be a graphics whore this gen, but what can I say, I fell into the hype machines. Games FTW. Fanboys can go to the bad place."

"My budget prevents me."

These are the words of a leech of society and one of the many reasons why you never want to be associated with such trash as the Xbox 360 or its owners. Hell, he even has a gamertag, thus solidifying his place at the bottom of the evolution scale.

PS3 owners, thank you for being high class and not sacrificing quality for "sales talk," "hardware defects," or the like. I applaud you and anytime you see an Xbox 360 owner, I think you should turn your nose up at them considering they probably smell like sh!t too.

Disgusting filth.

kaveti66162940d ago

Thanks for proving my point. You're calling me filth? Are you for real? It's a good thing you found your niche in the internet, because in the real world you would get strangled for that kind of talk.

360_Owners_Are_Bums2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

Another point I forgot to make, which was proven by the filth's above statement, is the fact that these filthy Xbox 360 owners have to resort to caveman tactics. Look at him/her/it. Threatening me with what?

Physical violence? Please. Good luck living your life that way and not ending up in jail one way or the other.

You are trash and always will be. I'm sorry you can't be more civilized but have to resort to caveman-esque tactics and physical violence. I guess I would be raging against the world too if I had your life working 8 hours a day on my couch watching soap operas while collecting a welfare check and not buying enough food to feed your family since you spent it all on GTAIV DLC.

Maybe that's why Xbox 30 owners love the 360. When it gets the RROD, it reminds them of fire, which cavemans were fond of.

Poor, disgusting trash.

iagainsti1202939d ago

@360_Owners_Are_Bums - dude your a douche STFU no one likes you, i have an xbox 360 how does that make me filth exactly? oh wait it doesn't because I don't act like winy piece of sh!t that thinks that brand loyalty is all there is to life. Wake up smell the coffee and get a life.

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Cwalat2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

Don't know if it's downgraded or not, but this game looks gorgeous... These are the LATEST screens from Aug 3rd:





... And guys, don't worry about the quality of the graphics. This game won't come out before 2010 (in US/EU), so they have plenty of polishing time.

3sq2940d ago Show
original seed2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

allowed. Get a life.

GiantEnemyCrab2940d ago

3sq why don't you show some respect to fellow gamers this is the Gamer Zone not the zoo next door. You can post links all you want.

SaberEdge2940d ago

It's looking amazing. People always jump to wrong conclusions.

Cwalat2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )


What are you waiting for? Call 911!

edit: I'm beginning to understand why more websites need to hand out IP-bans. Too bad the website that needs it the most doesn't support it.

el zorro2940d ago

Everybody knew it was BS from the beginning. Fanboys were just trying to make a fuss about nothing at all. The game is still in development and is going to go through lots of changes as the developer dials in the right balance. What we do know is that FF13 looks far better than any other JRPG to come out this generation.

DevastationEve2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

"...they have plenty of time for polishing."

Yep, that they long as it's just until next year though, and nobody better jinx this game! It's been a good long wait and I'm ready to play a real FF.

Hm...why did those extreme fanboys come up with such a bad conclusion? The game is going to look great and in fact it already DOES! You just have to realize what's CGI and what's not. Just like in Uncharted, Naughtydog said that the game's cinemas are prerendered to avoid loading times and keep their framerate consistent. A lot of fanboys decided to overlook that and claim that it was realtime.

Same thing here. It's hard to tell when 50GB of space means they can trick you with high bitrate video quality...


disagree all you want, Squeenix is no stranger to FMVs in a game...ever played FF VII, FF VIII, FF IX, FF X, FF XI, FF XII, Parasite Eve, Parasite Eve II, Xenogears (anime/CGI FMVs), Xenosaga Episodes I II and III, The Bouncer...the list goes on!

Is it what I said about Uncharted? Look it up, ND said it themselves.

Traveler2940d ago

One of the reasons I have always loved the Playstation platforms is because of Final Fantasy. So even if the game did get a downgrade I would still be waiting for it with enormous anticipation. Nothing is going to stop me from getting this game. I do agree though that the new screen grabs look really good.

DevastationEve2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

Hey Traveler, nobody has to worry that Squeenix won't make FF XIII up to PS3 fan's expectations. Even when they went multiplatform with it it's still PlayStation that's getting it first. They made a financial decision (oddly enough) due to how expensive to make these games have become. Especially when we're talking big companies like Squeenix who have groves of starving artists itching to make something to pay off their cars.

This is why they've already made so many rpgs this gen alone and have another couple in the works, and then other games besides that genre (like Project Sylpheed).

edit at below:

glad to hear it. yeah it'd pretty much be advisable that people should have both consoles if they want a game so bad. i'm thinkin about ps3 someday, it's just that i really don't even have the time for one let alone two consoles. though i'm actually logged on here quite a bit, but only since i use my phone to get online wherever i am :\

nycredude2940d ago

I don't really care anymore. Like Giantenemycrab, I am now proud to be a dual console owner. Would be kind of wierd to buy a final fantasy game on the 360 though so I'll get it for the Ps3!

Note: I bagged me a used first generation 360 with fable 2, halo 3, Madden 07, and topspin 2 for $100 cash! I'm surprised it's still alive, being as it's first generation.

CWMR2940d ago

-my first gen 360 is still alive too.. keeps on kicking. You nabbed a great buy there. Enjoy it man.-

nycredude2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )


Thanks man. I got lucky. Since it the first generation and still kicking T'm assuming (and hoping) that I got one of the "good" models. I'll find out soon as I am going to put it through its paces. Pretty siked for fable 2 and I bought Mass Effect already!

@apocalyPS3 You should get around to buying the Ps3 when you get a chance it really is the shiat. One thing I notice now that I have both consoles is the difference in build quality. I'm not putting the 360 down, it's just that it's so... I don't know how to explain it... fisher price like. But hey as long as it plays great games I don't care.

Pistolero2940d ago

Hmm...that's strange...I like the way the 360 looks and the build quality seems the same between both systems to me. Anyway...good job!...welcome to the ranks of the ever growing dual console gaming brotherhood.

jackdoe2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

It does still look pretty and these shots look better than the PS3 demo that I own (more optimization time helps). I have no doubt that when it releases in Japan this year, that the game will look gorgeous.

However, that is beside the point as this "article" should not have been approved. It is a forum post and those who approved it should have their approval power taken away.

steck672940d ago

3sq AKA cry baby little b!tch, here's a link for you: