Lowered Expectations: Why the Wii Core Audience Won't Ever Show Up

Industry Gamers: We've waited for it - the wondrous day when the phenomenal sales of the Wii platform would translate into success for all sorts of third-party games. Nintendo titles have of course done gangbusters on the system, but third-party success seemed hard. While Red Steel did very well (over a million sold) and benefited greatly from the Wii launch window, Manhunt 2 didn't fare well on any system and the original IP for everyone, Zack & Wiki, did not do well enough to warrant a second look by Capcom.

Recently, however, there have been several "good faith" efforts to make core titles designed specifically for the Wii to save us all from waggle filled mini-games. Games like No More Heroes, Deadly Creatures, Dead Rising: Chop 'Till you Drop, MadWorld, House of the Dead: Overkill and most recently The Conduit have attempted to show that the Wii isn't just for kids.

What happened? All of the above titles did "niche software" numbers at best and downright flopped at worst. They didn't produce the sort of sales that shouted to publishers, "Hey, make a half dozen more titles for the Wii!" With The Conduit almost billed as the "last, best hope" for core titles on the Wii, we're calling it right now: the core audience on the Wii just isn't there and third-party publishers should just stop trying.

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Genesis53396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

I would say that core gamers are all gaming in HD now. Unless they come out with a Wii HD soon. I don't think you will see the mature titles do that well.

f7897903395d ago

Nobody wants to play Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop when they can play a better version on the 360. It's gameplay, not resolution.

matey3396d ago

because all them titiles except conduit are low budget mature titles conduit wasnt that big budget either but stiill gave us Multiplayer Online that is as Robust as the best out there yes ive played them all and conduit can stand tall next to all of them MONSTER HUNTER 3 is a THIRD PARTY GAME sold a million plus first day why because thats what the wii churns out if given a budget simular to 360 PUNLISHERS NEED TO START PUTTING REAL EFFORTS BEHIND THE WII not pass the game on for second rate production values as u will get second rate sales RE4,REUC,MH3,FFCCCB,F12009,TIG ERWOODS2010,these have solid production values and will sell well a so stop the niche games pour good money into FPS,3RD PERSON,FIGHTING GAMES,RACING GAMES ECT OH THE CORE ARE THERE RE4 1.6 million all ready THATS MORE SALES than core 360 only titles

EvilTwin3396d ago

What a complete load of b.s.

Did the author of this ever stop to think, "gee, games like No More Heroes or MadWorld sold niche/hit numbers because...they are niche titles"? Imagine that.

Resident Evil (either the 4 Wii-make or the on-rails games) sells fine. So does Call of Duty ([email protected] sold a million plus).

And what, first-party Nintendo titles don't count as core games? Brawl, Galaxy, Twilight Princess, Corruption, Punch Out, Paper Mario...all of these games sold well. They're all core titles.

Third parties put a lot of absolute crap onto the console, and that's on them. It seems like devs are just NOW starting to get the hang of making good Wii games. We'll see how Shattered Memories or Red Steel 2 sell.

But you can't write off core success on Wii after how well GOOD Wii games have sold.

And you can't look to a game like MadWorld -- an M-rated 6-hour brawler with no real replay value -- as indicative of the Wii's market. Those same developers made Okami, which didn't sell well on the PS2.

ChickeyCantor3396d ago

Yeah for some reason platinum/clover studio really never did well.
Their games are unique and fun yet there is no big community interested in their games. Its a shame really, they know how to make a game.

Gr813395d ago

Evil. I'm glad some folks around here actually have brains.

megazeroxuxm3396d ago

huh? dumb*** developers are too lazy to make a real budget wii game that's why. if u want to sell more than a mil, at least make a game that worth a mil sell, dont throw out a bunch of crappy graphic mini games and expect all the old ladies and young girls to fall for it. like i said before, your sell depends on the effort of you put in, if you made games from your heart, such as the creator of megaman x (before it got deluded by weird administrators) people will ACCEPT your game from their heart. and they shall love it and recommend it. u make games that even you are uncertain about selling it to your own family, how can you expect it to be sold to any other poor family out there? dont be selfish.

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The story is too old to be commented.