PS3 rumour update: £85 price cut and PS3 Slim on August 18

100 Euro price slashing on the 80GB console on August 18?...

PS3 price cut and PS3 Slim rumours expected to be made at GamesCon on 18 August...

The internet is alight with rumours of a planned 100 Euro (£85) price cut on Sony's 80GB PS3 model across Europe to be announced at the same time at the launch of a new PS3 Slim at Germany's GamesCom event on 18 August.

The rumours follow the news that Sony is informing Japanese retailers that the 80GB PS3 model will not be shipping after 8 August.

Over in Belgium, website RTLinfo claims that Sony has been briefing retailers of an imminent 100 Euro (£85) price cut on the 80GB PS3

"Sony are looking to make a big splash at GamesCom, so it we'll see big hardware and software news coming out of their Press Conference," said Associate Editor of PSM3, Andy Hartup.

"There's little doubt PS3 Slim will happen at some point – PSone and PS2 went through the same treatments – and GamesCom seems like a prime time to unveil it. I wouldn't bet against a PS3 Slim / Uncharted 2 bundle appearing this October."

The PSM3 man added: "As for the price drop of the 80GB model – that's what potential buyers have been asking for. Sony have so far refused to budge on the price, but with Christmas around the corner, I'm certain we'll see a price cut – if not now – before the end of the year."

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Clap Your Hands3396d ago

And this is just in:

Elvis is in fact not dead, and is making an comeback tomorrow!

Maddens Raiders3395d ago

no Elvis here. Just a Mag-Lev supertrain on it's way to town.

Don't miss it.

THE BIAS3395d ago

Since sony are making such a push, i hope that they're going to advertise the hell out of all these things. Seeing gran turismo 5 adverts on tv and at the cinema would be awesome

darthv723395d ago

What would happen if sony didnt make any announcement of the slim or price drop? I would like them to but just wondering what people would think if it didnt happen.

Sony has been so adamant about no price drop and the internet is ablaze with rumor that it will happen. One of us is right. Which one????

masterg3395d ago


By now we have seen about 20 different sources come with some kind of hint that a slim is coming. I personally am so sure it's coming I sold my PS3 to pick up a new one soon.

Disccordia3395d ago

I think Sony are up to something because I work in a games shop and PS3 consoles have completely dried up. Sold our last one yesterday and it looks like we're not getting any more in over the next few days certainly, which is very strange indeed. I've thought these slim rumours have been rubbish all along but now I'm not so sure.

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Cwalat3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

- Unofficial PS3 pricedrops all around the globe: Check!
- 3 Hour press conference on August 18th: Check!
- Slimline PS3 replicas appearing in Asia: Check!

No one can predict the future, but it's pretty damn clear they aren't just sitting around awaiting another third place for the holidays.

Lucreto3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

I have heard the 3 hour conference is 2 hours of food and drink and 1 hour of conference. I have left messages with the playstation forum and the blog but got nothing.

Here is the link

Panthers3395d ago

Well I bet the food and drink part is also time for people to look at and play with what Sony reveals.

Omega43395d ago

If thats true about the food and drink I will be crying with laughter. But why would people want to be eating for 2 hours at a conference.

THE BIAS3395d ago

How ridiculous. Sony said they were giving a 3 hour conference. Eating and drinking is not exactly the definition of a conference.

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jack_burt0n3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

nice elvis has entered the GamesCon, but ps3 hitting £199 is a


PirateThom3396d ago

At the very least, it puts it within a similar price bracket as the 360 and Wii.

zoydwheeler3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

I'll buy one...

You can get one for £280 on Amazon now -

But my tipping point is £199 - I'm not playing till then.

gusto3396d ago

yeah, about time it came down to that price - we're in a recession after all, and we still need to play games when there are no jobs to go to ;-)

-Mezzo-3395d ago

If this turns out to be true Sony might have their biggest Holiday season ever.

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