WipEout Load Time Advertising Video Comparison - A video compares the load time between regular and ad-supported version of the game.

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RAM MAGNUMS3392d ago

Not a problem.

i mean, really gamers wanted stupid crap like this happening. They voted with thier dollars and here we are with games and paying for commercials to slow up the flow a bit. I give up, but even still this ad was done with taste and it took about 10 more seconds to get a race on.

not a problem.

skapunkmetalskater3392d ago

Yeah but come on, you've already paid for the game why the hell should they add adverts in afterwards and affect your gameplay experience??

Free games - ad supported

Not paid titles

kapedkrusader3392d ago

...Sony has already taken the ads off the game for the same reason. Would MS have done the same?

skapunkmetalskater3392d ago

Why were the ads there in the first place?

andron3391d ago

There are ads on both PSN and Live and online games, MS and Sony are trying to make some money.

Sony did the right thing here though, and removed the ads since there was a problem and increased loading times...