PSX Extreme: Fat Princess Review

PSX Extreme:

"When we first heard the title, "Fat Princess," we had no idea what to expect. Then, the interest and hype began to rise and we found ourselves following the game's progress with a very close eye; the concept of a RTS set in a fairytale world and played at a frantic pace was most certainly intriguing. It was yet another mostly original idea, and we had already seen several on the PlayStation Network. Of course, we knew going in that Fat Princess would need a strong multiplayer component if it were to be ultimately successful, and unfortunately, the game has launched to significant server problems. We wanted to mention this early in order to clarify one thing: while we can't ignore this downfall, we will also acknowledge it as temporary. Titan Studios is currently working with Sony to resolve the issues, and rest assured the online experience will stabilize over the next few weeks. Taking that into account, and after having successfully involved ourselves in several multiplayer matches (along with the obvious single-player test), we're ready to give you an accurate review of Fat Princess."

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