Console Heroes: Rocket Riot Review

Console Heroes writes: "Rocket Riot is an interesting game in both concept and execution. It plays like the result of a sordid union between Worms and Geometry Wars. With a blend of retro graphics and a nice mix of power ups it is a game that can entertain if you're looking for more of a party play game or a multiplayer fix. As a whole the game is quite fun but a few parts made me want to take my own rocket riot to the developer's front door.

First things first, I want to get something out of the way. So consider this your full disclosure of my review situation. I did not play through all eighty single player levels. I got to the mid seventies and called it quits. The reason for this will be covered later but if you think my not playing those last couple levels compromises my review then you can take my opinion with a grain of salt. And with that we can get to the review..."

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