Console Heroes: Droplitz Review

Console Heroes writes: "Developed by Blitz Arcade (a division of Blitz Games Studios), and published by Atlus U.S.A., Droplitz has now reached XBLA, PSN, PC, and iPhone. I have to say I was at first a bit skeptical about the game. From the info I got around the interwebs, the game didn't seem to be very challenging or enjoyable. I can, however, admit I mistakingly judged a book by its cover. The game is surprisingly addictive, and extremely difficult at first. While there are a few hints and tips you can turn on, the difficult part is still there.

The overall gameplay is simple in nature, rotate the available pipes so that the droplitz can go from point A to point B without falling off or hitting a wall. What is a bit of a stretch for me though is the difficulty curve. Most puzzle styled games have an easier first few turns, allowing the player to get the hang of what they are doing. Not in the case of Droplitz though; as each time I started up a new game the first connection of pipes seemed a lot more difficult than those that followed..."

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