147 New Forza 2 images @ Gamekult

Gamekult released 147 new images of the preview version of Forza Motorsport 2. Enjoy 13 pages of eye candy.

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THE TERMINATOR4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

360 owners cant be proud of this surely? The graphics look like xbox1, If I were you I would take it off ASAP. Maybe its the screenshot quality because the game cant look this bad. Maybe Im used to PS3 HD graphics looking so good.

Lygre4013d ago

Forza 2 is not finished and the game is not out yet. We will just have to wait untill we get it our selves and take a look. The graphics looks good enough for me from what I've seen from some screenshots and replay videos (the replays are in 30 FPS while the main game is in 60 FPS).

And even though how good it will look, it's all about gameplay anyway. You can be playing Forza 2 for years to come, and that's not because of the graphics. (And I'm sure the visual be good enough for 99% of all ppl)

decapitator4013d ago

You can say whatever you want to make you feel better but the game will be great just wont be amazing as most people thinkg it will be ..i cant wait to play this

eques judicii4012d ago

what people need to realize is that not all 147 screenshots are new. The first like 12 pages are old screenies from an old build... look at the last few screenshots for the most recent build

conjurdevil4013d ago

man those graphics are like Grand turismo 4 for ps2 !! if this is the game 360 was looking out for its certainly disappointin!!

SmokeyMcBear4013d ago

oh do not disgrace GT4 with that comparison

decapitator4013d ago

Enough with the screens...they shouuld just release a damn demo or keep the games to theirselves already.


killercam194013d ago

THE BLURRY ASS DECALS AND EMBLEMS THIS IS SOME PISS POOR ATTEMPT..............didnt mean to type in capitals but dont feel like changing it

triniwi4013d ago

I see what you mean (conan) the game does not look as good as I thought. At least the game is running at 60 fps !!!!!!!!!!!!!
It also looks better then Forza 1
Don't forget ps3 Succccccccccccccccccks

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The story is too old to be commented.