Console Heroes: Battlefield 1943 Review

Console Heroes writes: "There has been an increase in popularity of war games since games like Call of Duty 4 and Battlefield: Bad Company changed the way we play them. From blowing up houses to impossible missions, both of these games offered something we had never seen before. The Call of Duty series moved back from Modern Warfare to WWII, causing an uproar among fans. Has Battlefield 1943 done the same thing?

The first thing I must mention is that this is an arcade title, but it looks just like a retail game and that may come as a surprise to you. Now 1200 Microsoft Points may sound like a lot for an arcade title, but it doesn't disappoint and is well worth more than it's current price. Battlefield 1943 is limited to multiplayer mode, with 3 maps and 3 playable classes. The maps are big, not small and confined like your standard multiplayer maps, allowing you to explore a whole island with no bounderies (obviously there are limits, otherwise you end up too far in the ocean). Also on the maps have plenty of buildings and a ton of scenery for you destroy at your own free will..."

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