x360a: NCAA Football 10 Review

x360a writes: "NCAA Football '10 is one of the few annual franchises that I look forward to throughout the year. It's essentially a roster update with some incremental changes for which EA charges full price, however it does throw in a new feature or two each year to keep fans wanting more. The big new features for '10 are Team Builder and Season Showdown, both of which are addressed below, and frankly, are both quite cool. But are they worth the price of admission?

Visually, the game looks largely identical to last year but seen through a grainy filter - essentially a dirtier version of Madden. All the colors are a bit muted which is disappointing. Going to DKR Texas Memorial Stadium and watching the Longhorns should bring an explosion of orange and white to the screen, but instead brings a drab color palette along with it..."

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