Rabid Scotsman Rewind: Dead Rising, Hot Air?

Greetings fellow Gamesmen from abroad! This is the Rabid Scotsman, and you are reading one of our new features: The Rabid Scotsman Rewind.

This article is about, as you can see, a little game called "Dead Rising". This game is easily a solid 8/10, because the story and game play were enjoyable. But this is not a review, so that's all that needs to be said on the matter.

This piece is a retrospective of the game from a developer's standpoint, as well as my own- and YOURS.

What sticks out the most about recalling this game is hearing about one of the awards it received. Dead Rising was given an award for "Best Use of Xbox 360 Achievement Points", an odd choice of an award indeed. This was one of the earliest releases on the console though, so maybe that can be chalked it up to inexperience; but this particular award is difficult to buy into...

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