Top Ten Perks Headed For Modern Warfare 2

NowGamer: Infinity Ward has asked gamers for their Killstreak reward suggestions for Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer component

We got as excited as the next red-blooded male when the trailer for Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer dropped a couple of weeks back – customisable killstreaks? Check. Shooting the ground from a Lockheed AC-130? Check.

But what other tools of the soldiering trade are the developer planning to add to the game? If its recent Twitter poll is anything to go by, the top rated ideas are currently as follows:

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Sk8boyP3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

Silenced Sniper Rifles!? Like camping sniperf4gs weren't bad enough! You can't even hear'em now! A SILENCED RIFLE!!!

That said, this game is gonna kick major ass!

socomnick3396d ago

Its not that bad , you have killcams, uavs, and now heart rate monitors to catch snipers. If anything snipers have the biggest disadvantage in cod games. Silenced sniper rifles wouldn't change anything might just lower the power of the guns.

rogimusprime3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

has a point, but I don't see how a killcam is going to be any solace to the poor soldier who got his brains splattered all over the pavement.

Good suggestions for the perks. People will always take issue no matter what, but I like them. I would like to see a "double perk" perk that enables you to combine anything, at the cost of the other perk slots if they want to keep it balanced. An RPG that actually does what its supposed to do would be nice. It felt gimped in COD4

jumpmanwade3396d ago

My idea was to allow players to control an unmanned airplane to scope the map out, sadly it didnt make it.

davekaos3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

a second life would of been nice in search and destroy .
You know when some 1 gets u with the noob tube at the start of the match, that really annoys me, so yeah we need a perk so we can have a second life

chewmandinga3396d ago

...i think that would ruin the tension of the search and destroy mode to a certain extent. especially in the hardcore mode.

i don't really think there should be any kind of search & destroy perks, except for maybe "faster bomb arm/disarm" with the "bomb squad" perk.

they could make it a real nightmare by having only one person on each team able to arm/disarm the bomb, so it's like an escort/assassination/S&D game all at once. Hardcore!!

AtomBomb3396d ago

I'm not really seeing the point of calling in a supply drop during a match. Chances are you would have no control over where it drops on the map, and even if you could direct the drop you would probably be dead by the time the thing hit the ground... Unless it refills your explosive AND ammo perk it's gonna be useless. Its a lot easier to pick up a dead enemy's weapon and continue moving.

PS360PCROCKS3396d ago

I saw the idea and they explained it. It was like after a certain amount of kills you got ammo dropped just for you so that you didn't have to waste time searching for guns or switching guns.

--joshua--3396d ago

here goes another 500 hours of my life wasted away.

See you all online!

Boody-Bandit3396d ago

That is a good guesstimate for a shooter like this.
I wonder how many hours I logged into COD4 before I moved on to other games? I played it pretty regularly for the better part of a year.

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The story is too old to be commented.