Silent Hill: An Undead Video Feast

Konami has just released not one but two videos of the upcoming Silent Hill Origins. SPOnG has psoted them for you to watch in a darkened room.

The first handheld outing for the Silent Hill series is taking things back to basics. According to Konami:

"Silent Hill Origins follows a solitary truck driver, Travis Grady, who gets stuck in the terrifying town while making a routine delivery. He quickly discovers the locals aren't quite normal, and neither is the town. To complicate matters, Grady is confronted by crippling memories from his troubled past. He must escape from Silent Hill while resolving the memories that have plagued him since childhood."

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darkvenom4247d ago

Game will sell more systems.Imo! can't wait to play this spooky game.

grifter0244247d ago

You can say that again... I love the story line it is sooo awesome... I love the best is Silent HIll 2... The ending letter is awesome .. "Im soo sorry" it is soo spooky...

Robotz Rule4247d ago

Silent Hill is one of the best game series of all time!,I can'twait for SH on my PSP!:D