New Halo Xbox 360 Pro Bundle Revealed (AUS)


Microsoft Australia have announced Christmas early with an Xbox 360 Pro Bundle packaged with both Halo 3 and Halo Wars, available nation-wide from August 6th (at participating retailers).

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal if you haven't made the console jump yet, and at AU$449 (RRP), you could do a lot worse in the bundle department. For those not in the know, the Pro Bundle comes packaged with a 60GB HDD, wireless controller, HDMI in, headset and ethernet cable.

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-Mezzo-2997d ago

I would welcome another bundle but please with something else, put the HALO to rest.

Bnet3432997d ago

How about you put N4G to rest? You're like first on every article I go to and make a thread every minute in the forums.

-Mezzo-2997d ago

Cool good for the Aussie buyers.

Saaking2997d ago

Halo this, Halo that, Halo everywhere. Seriously MS relies too much on Halo.

-MD-2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

3 games in the main series since 2001 is relying on it too much?

N4G king2997d ago

well what you know
i thought that halo moves millions of copies so easy
it dont need Bundles

now where did i hear that ?

Hoolock2997d ago

now halo will help move consoles. Same goes if GT is bundled with the PS3, its just common sense

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