Game developer CEO thinks game development skills should be taught in primary school

Philip Oliver is a founder and is the CEO of Blitz Games Studios, one of the biggest independent video game development companies in the world. In an exclusive interview for the Bruceongames video game industry blog,he says that education suitable for a career in the video game industry should be introduced from primary school level.
In a wide ranging interview he gives his thoughts on many game industry subjects.

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Saaking3394d ago

Bots are too ignorant to learn how to develop anything other than shooters.

peacock13394d ago

Game design shouldnt be taught at primary school, however basic programming in the form of algorthums should be.

In secondry school the topic should then expand into actual software programming.

iceman063394d ago

Long ago...when I was just a youngster, they did teach basic programming. It was a great way to teach logic and problem solving for those that liked programming. I recall learning on a program called LOGO!!!! (yeah I just dated myself) However, the design approach might be an easier, and more accessible way of communicating logic, decision making, and even basic game theory to a younger audience that is already bombarded by it in their everyday life. Since most of them will probably have been exposed to videogames, board games, or even card games for that matter...that should provide for solid, real-world applications of this knowledge.