Madden 08 Screenshots - Draft Class of 07

Through, EA has posted images of the top 10 draft picks of the NFL draft in their team's uniforms. Unfortunetly .. Brady Quinn, Notre Dame QB, was not drafted in the top 10 so no picture for him :(

The link is to the main ESPN->Videogames page. Click on the Gallery link to launch window for screens.

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Lacarious4124d ago

They are consistently garbage..... they already have JaMarcus in the game and i'm damn well 100% positive they are still using the same damn player they used for all of 07 player models! Gotta love the hype machine.... the croonies are gonna jump all over this new exciting picture quality... i mean... check out htat grass... check out that stadium!!!! such awesome quality!!!

SpinalRemains1384124d ago

Russel is in the game. He was just drafted. Why leave him out. Why they have a picture of Aaron Brooks up there I don't know

PS360PCROCKS4124d ago

Yea this is super fast that their all already in the game. But screw Brady Quinn I am actually happy that dic* didn't go in the top 10

donscrillinger4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

the only thing good out of this is that at least i know for sure now that i'm not gettin this trash again .thx for showing me that once again there are no refs on the field, ball markers,line of scrimm ,the same wack azz 8 bit jumbo tron ,no filed goal nets.etc. its crazy that i was reading something on IGN sayin that there back to if its in the game we will see it in the game .but some how from all the pic released .you never se the refs on the field ,the ball markers refs on the side line and the line of scrimm on the field .BUT ITS IN THE GAME ,LOL .people pay attention to detail is all i gots to say,any one that reads this .just do your own survey of the pic of allpro football 2k8 pics and madden 08 and ncaa 08 .you only see those real NFL FOOTBALL THINGS IN ONE GAME and it doesn't have NFL on it .thats an shame .E.A your football videogame team sucks.

SmokeyMcBear4124d ago

have you even played madden? There are definately refs in the game.. and they definately get in the way

Keyser4124d ago

I'm a Madden fan. I tried to get into 2K but they're player models always seemed too thin and reminded me of Rock'em Sock'em robots. I used to make fun of my roommate when 2K first came out. Keyshawn Johnson would catch anything regardless how many guys were on him and whether the defense had position or not.

There are things that I like about 2K that I wished Madden would focus on but still got to go with ol'John. Half the fun is making fun of what he says! BOOM!!!

Both good games depending on what you like. Hopefully EA gets it together this year. They do a good job with college then fall on their face sometimes with Madden.

Maddens Raiders4124d ago

2k. Great NBA and Hockey games though.

MADDEN forever. Well at least 'til the license expires. No NFL sanctioning? Not an NFL game. =]

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