Rapture Coming To A Beach Near You?

Most gamers know by now that the much anticipated Bioshock 2 has been pushed back into 2010, not hitting it's expected release date of October 2009. Maybe someone forgot to fill in the marketing team behind Bioshock 2, because Kotaku received a strange letter in the mail today, detailing the locations of beaches around the world that will contain something Bioshock related this Saturday, August 8th.

Being the first on the timeline, Australia will be the first to receive the Bioshock 2 related marketing. So, whoever is heading down to Bondi Beach this Saturday morning at 6:41am for some Bioshock goodness, the GI team will see you there!

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drdistracto7073391d ago

2K's ad team needs a promotion... NOW!

TheMART3391d ago

Scheveningen beach in The Netherlands @ 6.15 in the morning, on 8 August. I won't be there that early LOL.

But I can see that they just might want to let this marketing promotion in place, because getting on a beach in January, February or even March isn't such a nice thing, at least not overhere in my country :P

A bit strange, but who knows... It might kick off some cool stuff in the months till Bioshock 2 releases.