'The Metroid Complex': Shadow Complex vs. Metroid

A love letter to Metroid. That's the pitch Epic games has put to players anticipating the release of Shadow Complex – a side-scrolling action-adventure-platformer in the traditions of Nintendo's venerable series. In no uncertain terms, Shadow Complex is, indeed, very much Metroid for your Xbox 360 and PC. But, excising the space-borne Samus Aran for Jason 'Captain-Generic-White-Guy-Harrison Ford-Meets-Nathan-Drake-Meets-Nathan-Fillion' Flemming, what really remains is a game with its own unique flavour.

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Natsu X FairyTail2998d ago

why VS? they could have said comparaison.

Metroid is a great series that I've been enjoying since a early kid and the devs that are making shadow complex also have said that they were influenced by the game and their is some key elements that will resemble the Metroid world.

ChickeyCantor2998d ago

Comparing and competing, both of them kinda fit.

But anything that would play like SuperMetroid/fusion will be loved by me =D.

SRU96002997d ago

I'm very much looking forward to Shadow Complex and Trials HD.

Those two games + Splosion Man = a happy me.

LoaMcLoa2998d ago

Epic Games should focus on Gears 3 instead :S I'm only buying Metroid: Other M

36T2998d ago

Epic didn't make this game so what focus would be lost by Shadow Complex? I would also love for you to explain to me why you wouldn't try this game but you would purchase Metroid: Other M? It almost sounds as if you'll be ignoring Shadow Complex on purpose. Do you own a PS3? That might explain why. Just a guess.

Saaking2998d ago

The original is always better but it's good that newer games take inspiration from the original and evolve the ideas and mechanics that made the original so great.

ape0072998d ago

look really amazing,cause it combines the classic\rewarding game style+intense huge fire fights

this might be the greatest arcade game ever released on xbla

36T2998d ago

Agreed! I think it's gonna sell very well. Expect the next one to be a full sixty dollar game.

darkequitus2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

all for 1200 MSP!

Edit: who is the idiot that disagreed? Since the price has already been announced.

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