PlanetXbox360: Singularity Preview

PlanetXbox360 writes: "The developers stated that Singularity would have "over two dozen in-game movies" in the hopes of delivering a powerful story inside the unique gameplay mechanics. At one point you must use the TMD to restore a large ship to pass through it. After restoring the massive beast you race through the hull as it decomposes. Jet streams of water burst from rusting bolts and walkways decay beneath you. All while you battle Russian guards and anomalies pulled through from the restoration. Activision is taking a risk with Singularity and from the looks of it we may be the ones getting the reward with its strategic combat, fresh gameplay mechanics, and time sensitive puzzles. With Raven at the helm and the interesting information provided thus far we can be confident that Singularity is going to be good. How good? With polished screenshots and a hopeful 2009 release date the wait, hopefully, won't be too long to find out; stay tuned".

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Ellessdee3395d ago

with the demo at comic con. it was confusing and the time puzzles sucked, and the controls were dumb, and the combat was horribly generic.

UltimaEnder3395d ago

Ya I think it's going to take a lot for this game to really stick out from all the rest, it has a cool concept though but needs to make sure it's not just another generic FPS.....