Call of Duty 4 "UFO Hack" is Getting out of Hand

Gaming Console Network's editor Aaron Espinoza talks about how the hacks on the Playstation 3 version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare are getting out of hand and in need of being patched.

The latest Call of Duty 4 PS3 hack is called the "UFO" hack, which allows gamers to fly over the in-game map.

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Pandamobile3391d ago

In the real world, we call it "noclip".

Hellsvacancy3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

Rather than complain and right whole article about sum cheatin mofo y dont u just find another map 2 play in? Simple

Besides the dude cheatin was terrible anyway no wonder he feels the need2 cheat

Edit. I like it that he shows his Psn name aswell "SilentSniper5" lol

mastiffchild3391d ago

Just one of the hacks that make COD a pain in the arse for me and not worth playing at times.

Last time I put COD4 in the PS3 loads of people were hacking with this and other daf exploits so I sodded it off after about three or four different maps where it was going on.

Yeah it should be stopped but more to the point just why do people really do these things.

andron3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

I really hope IW does something about this, not only in CoD4, but to prevent this from happening in MW2. Just another reason besides the price hike to wait and see what happens when MW2 is released.

IW might have to copy protect the save game or something to make it harder to hack it. Or maybe they can store online profiles on their server to make it impossible to hack locally...

Edit: And yeah lets stand together as gamers against hackers, and don't make this into another fanboy pissing contest. The hack exists on both consoles, let's hunt down the hackers instead of talking useless smack...

sunnygrg3391d ago

This is called bad parenting. I am looking at you, Infinity Ward.

Syronicus3391d ago

Try playing the game before making silly comments like this. In virtually every map there is somebody that runs this exploit. Try to get away from it by switching maps and you find another idiot ruining the experience with the exploit.

Hellsvacancy3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

Blame Infinity Ward 4 droppin support 4 your precious game if they patched the game in the 1st place then this wouldnt of happened so its there own fault 4 gettin there fingers burnt

Syronicus3391d ago

Right, I will blame IW for the lack of a patch and I'll blame you for posting on something you know nothing about. Cheers.

3391d ago
harrisk9543391d ago

Dude, are you a complete moron? This issue also exists on the 360, not just the PS3.

goflyakite3391d ago

lmfao reported your comment as spam.

This has nothing to do with PSN vs. Live. Also if you have seen other articles about 420's twitter posts you would have known that there are apparently hackers on the 360 also.

OT: I really wish they would fix this but they probably wont. With MW2 so close, and already giving up on the PS3 version, I doubt they will.

caladbolg7773391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

This hack exists for both consoles. De-bubbled, reported and ignored.

Arthur_3391d ago

It happens on XBL, suposedly, however Ive never seen this "hack" on XBL, but I have seen it a lot on PSN.

Besides, to do this with on XBL, you need a modded console, and MS finds and bans modded consoles quickly(sometimes within hours).

BattleAxe3391d ago

Loved this game, but the "host end game" was getting way out of control so I stopped playing CoD4 last winter.

edgeofblade3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

Glad to see SOMEONE understood what I was saying...

@Everyone else: I never said this didn't exist on XBL. I'm just saying, there's a reason everyone cites the PS3 version when they talk about hacking COD4. It's SOOOO easy to transfer an unauthorized file on the PS3. You just need a USB stick. On the 360, you need special hardware.

See, Sony has no incentive to help improve the situation. I pay Microsoft on a yearly basis, and if they don't keep it clean, I stop paying them. Simple as that.

The fact that you heard rumors of it being on 360 but never saw it should be proof enough that this is largely a PS3 problem, and a minor annoyance to 360.

ALSO, consider that if you get banned on PS3... you simply create another account. On XBL, it's $50 a pop, every time you get caught.

Like I said, there are reasons to pay for multiplayer...

uie4rhig3390d ago

its as simples as buying a new PS3, coz if you get banned from PSN, you PS3's MAC address and your PSN gets banned, that means you won't be able to get on any PSN service at all with your current PS3, whether that is a new account or not.. and also if you login with the PSN on another PS3, you risk that one being banned as well.. my friend's friend was banned from PSN for (at that time) an unknown reason.. told him how to get a new one from Sony without having to pay (and no i'm not telling anyone) only to find out that he was banned coz of this type of stuff.. if i'd have known before, i'd neva told him.. but owell

edgeofblade3390d ago

You mean buy a new PS3 and return it with the old PS3 in the box?

Now it's "If you get caught cheating, you go to jail."

Syronicus3390d ago

You just got learned. Xbox 360's version has the same issue. Keep it up Edge, you make even the hardest of Xbox fanboy look tame.


Poopface the 2nd3390d ago

but ahahahah at you people saying its on 360 like its nearly as common. Try playing COD4 on 360 right now, I bet you wont see a single hacker.

silvacrest3390d ago

thats complete bull, i and many others i no have had a modded 360 for years while never being banned, microsoft definatly are not quick with banning people or even finding modded 360s and guess what? if your unlucky enough to get banned you can go on ebay or whatever and buy a 360 (just the box) for £30+

solar3390d ago

exactly what i thought pan. bu bu but hacks are only PC occurrences!

gameraxis3390d ago

no man... i can totally understand this dude wanting to get it out into the public.. cheating is NOT something that should be taken lightly... what if someone made a bet against the other team on Bring or something and this dude is flying around all map and now they're out the money...

in the competitive hobby we choose that is gaming, cheating and glitching is for losers and i absolutely stand by micro and sony totally ban their mac address!

Viper73390d ago

Seriously Sony should take BLIZZARD kind of grip from the situation and just BAN all the PSN accounts that they can track to have used this glitch. Its probably clearly stated in both PSN agreement and COD4 agreement that this kind of cheat is not approved.

Better to bring out the Ban hammer and show how cheaters should be dealt with. NO MERCY!

goflyakite3390d ago

Very glad they fixed it.

kparks3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

If you ask me everyone that did this hack should be permanently banned... but thats just my opinion! its ridicules that people would do something like that it ruins the fun for everyone!!! Im with VIPER lets see the BAN HAMMER. to be honest if some type of action is not taken against the people that did this i would be kind of pissed. Cuz they will just do it again especially the ones that youtubed and showed other people how to do the hack!

Arthur_3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

If you haven't been banned, its b/c your not playing on XBL, or youre lying.

Now ofcourse we cant prove the truth behind either one of those, but common sense should prevail in ANY situation. And yes silva, you can just buy another one----or your could try playing the old fashioned way, with, oh whats that word called? oh yeah.....skill.

silvacrest3390d ago

i never said anything about cheating did i? i was talking specifically about modding a 360 and playing pirated games online without being banned, personally i think cheating in online games is just lame and doesnt show off any true skill

"If you haven't been banned, its b/c your not playing on XBL, or youre lying"

where are you getting your baseless accusations from? microsoft?

im assuming you are not playing on XBL with a modded 360 or pirated games so how would you even no? you can believe me or not but i do play on XBL with a modded 360 with no problems, all you gotta do is keep up with the latest updates from the "pirates"

Arthur_3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

I assume YOUR not playing with COD4 on XBL, period---if you were, then you would see that there arent any "UFO hackers"....yes its possible and it prolly happened a few times, but the MASS MAJORITY of XBL players have not seen it happen.

No, im not playing on a modded console. But i have some friends that have had them, and yes they used them for playing pirated games. Now their consoles, are banned from XBL now. This was before 360 got really cheap to buy online(about 2 years ago) so ofcourse I wasn't going to risk it. And dont kid yourself, it started with modded consoles, and controllers---but most people eventually start use cheats online, especially if they dont get caught right away.

And my claims arent "unfounded", you just need to open your eyes.

silvacrest3390d ago

i think you have misunderstood me, i dont no or even care about UFO hack on the 360 version of COD, i dont even own a copy of the game and i never once said i did but I DO play OTHER GAMES on XBL with a modded 360

i'll say it again, i was talking specifically about modding a 360 and playing pirated games online without being banned, thats all, i have no intention to hack the games setting and allow my self to fly and get cheap kills, whats the point? if others use cheats like the UFO hack ofcourse others complain and he gets banned

as for your friends, i dont no if they kept up with the modding scene and updated there drives when needed, im guessing no since they got banned

you also mentioned this happened 2 years ago? lets just say things have gotten better since then

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TheMART3391d ago

Another reason why XBL is better then PSN. PSN = a hackfest. Totally destroys online gaming.

Mo0eY3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

Owned. Nothing more should be said so save yourself the embarassment.

But wait... there's more!
In this same article, I simply Ctrl + F and typed Xbox and bam, there it is:
"So now this has spread to the 360. This is going to be worse for those who do it on Microsoft’s side of the fence because cheating in a game is against code of conduct. You can bet they will be reported by Xbox Live Gamers who come across those using the UFO hack. And I thank Microsoft for implementing that feature to Xbox Live right on the dashboard. Hopefully Sony will update their XMB screen to have a REPORT PLAYER section."

Double owned. Go ahead and edit your comment to save yourself the humiliation I just slapped across your forehead.

Hellsvacancy3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

Its not like Activision r loosin money from people doin this on Psn where-as they loose LOADSA money from people downloadin Cod4 4 the 360

So your comment about "hackfest" is rather irrelevant - knowin that the 360 is itself 1 big giant hack

And besides if they hadnt of dropped support 4 MW than this wouldnt of happened so screw them

Saaking3391d ago

Mart is one of the stupidest people I have every seen seriously. This affect PS3 AND Xbox 360. Wow, so... I can't even say seriously..

-Mezzo-3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

80% of the players on XBL are 11 or 12 year Kids, yeah XBL is better.

Dimitri3391d ago

We can see you play too much Halo 3. Your 360 has taken your brain.
I cant find the words to explain how fuking retarded you are.

Take this idiots bubbles.

Cod4 servers should be turned off, for the time being until they get the patch live.. Or there will simply be a rollback.

Man_of_the_year3391d ago

I gotta tell ya. I looked up and down and read the whole link that Mooey provided and it looks like a ligit source.

I am very proud of you Mooey. You made a claim and backed it up with substantial proof. +bubbles to you. Now if only you could get the rest of your buddies to do the same.

striped943391d ago

Are you retarded?

ShadowReaper143391d ago

your an idiot it is happening on both systems so get a life

MGS4COD4HALO43390d ago

Mark, I agree that xbox live is better then psn, but there are hacks on both systems. So saying that psn=hackfest is unfair and you really need to play both consol first before you put out a retarded comment like that.

solar3390d ago

Steam gives you a life time ban for hacking....maybe the consoles should adopt this sentence...

Pandamobile3390d ago

That's only if you play Source Engine games.

I rarely see hackers on the PC version of COD4. The only time I notice them is when Punkbuster tells everyone on the server it just banned someone for a speed hack or something. Or if there's an admin to take care of it, the hacker's gone in a matter of seconds.

solar3390d ago

@ Pan

if you have to hack at CoD4 on the PC you are lower then dirt. that consolized PoS isnt worth hacking :) game makes me sick coming from a BF series background

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--joshua--3391d ago

Global ThermoNuclear War hack?


Rapture3333390d ago

haha my friend was telling me about this the other day, he tried it to

wiggles3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

I have to agree...what's the point of a hack if you just fly around and shoot people...I remember getting unlimited ammo in RE5 with the mini gun...and by the end of the second chapter I was bored...because there was no challenge...

yeah it's nice to rack up sick kill streaks...but then you get awesome stories to how you killed 3 people with one grenade while you were barely alive...compared to I hacked it and I made it rain...I hope they fix it fast.

Syronicus3391d ago

The guys can't shoot you until they turn the hack off and settle on top of some building. I have gotten to a point where when I see anybody doing it I shoot them no matter who's team they are on. I hate hackers in games and so it makes no difference who is benefitting from the hack. You hack, I kill ya. Simple. It just needs to stop.

uie4rhig3390d ago

send them a message with the text "ban?" in the subject.. if they still do it, send them another message with the text "ban it is!" in the subject.. so far worked for me and all of them left.. and please do report them right over here:

TheTruth893391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

Wow Mart... you are really pathetic... omg i never seen someone with a value of stupidity so high! You can win a prize.

Your stupidity is just a level under Mart.