Xbox live arcade triple Wednesday

Major Nelson has posted over on his site that we are in for a triple Arcade treat this week. The releases sure are ramping up weekly now.

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Lygre4125d ago

Does anyone know if that board game is similar to Risk?

I remember playing Risk for hours and hours with me mates, so I'm just wondering if it's anything like Catan.

Thanks for answeres.

calderra4125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

Like Risk? Errr... there are comparisons.
Imagine if Risk had no set world map, and instead you played tiles each turn that built the map as the game progressed. And instead of large armies, you're more worried about improving conditions for a very few units ("Settlers").

And that's be a very rough conception of Catan.

Bill Nye4125d ago

Catan is all about controlling the resources and blocking your competitors from them.

I'm really looking forward to this game because I'm quite fond of the board game.

Sphinx4125d ago

Sweet! I'm psyched for this more than any other Arcade title in some time.

JasonXE4125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

I do wish that'll someone will come up with the idea of putting monopoly, chess or the game of life on xbla. I think this will be against the rules though because it's has not to do with the arcade. Still I would love to play it just for the fun factor :-D :-D.

THAMMER14125d ago

My wife and I were talking about the same thing. Monopoly, Life or Crash'n the boys street challenge would be awesome.

consolewar4125d ago

probably an american classic, but no in the same league as Catan.
The rank Catan has is 36 or something like that, where? .....the best boardgame site in the whole world.
The rank of Monopoly is like what, +350?
Hundreds of opinions, plays and testing from casual and hardcore gamers back this ranks up.

Can you guys imagine Puerto Rico on XboxLive?

Sean142334125d ago

Me too, that game is one I have been waiting for.

BIadestarX4125d ago

I think microsoft is stepping up when it comes to releasing xbox live arcade titles. 2-3 titles a week is more than I can wish for.

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