All Age Gaming: Red Faction: Guerrilla Playstation 3 Review

Red Faction originally came to prominence as a top quality FPS on the PS2 back in 2001. It set a precedent as one of the more established shooters on the old system. Since then, there have been numerous additions to the series but in all honesty, they haven't been able to maintain the lofty heights and standards of the original release. Red Faction: Guerrilla sees a shift from FPS to third person shooter in this latest offering by Publisher THQ. The story takes place on Mars, where the planet has been terraformed to support life and it has become somewhat of an opportunist colony for would be miners to try their luck at finding their fortunes.

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Saaking3394d ago

Very good game, haven't bought, but I definitely will after playing the demo.

Omegasyde3394d ago

Rent first, game is very tedious. Those who say otherwise had really low expectations for this game.

The landscape all looks the same too, besides a different shade of brown. The destruction also gets boring, along with failing missions because the AI got stuck (whom you are suppose to rescue).

Multiplayer is cool though.

akaFullMetal3394d ago

i bought this game thinking it would just be ok, but this game rocks and has tons of variety and I love the physics. Plus nothing feels greater than coming up your enemy and just swinging your hammer and watching them fly away.