Awesome Fan-made God of War III Wallpapers

Badassgamerblog: "You know when you have eagerly anticipating and excited fans of a game, when they take time out of their schedules to devote to making game assets for their favourite games, like these God Of War III wallpapers for example."

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PS360DS2973d ago

they do, very good works.

AntMad2973d ago

they look great, quite authentic too

Herbert tholdpervert2972d ago

Who the hell is approving this sh!t?

PS360DS2973d ago

hmm, I wish it was GOWIII demo coming on Aug I wish.

AntMad2973d ago

yeah, but I'm eager to play Batman as well..

HeavyInfamous2973d ago

Yes, GOWIII demo I can't wait to play...but I'm happy at least i get to check out the batman game. that looks nice too

sunil2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )


AntMad2973d ago

Hmm, I don't think I quite know what u mean?

HeavyInfamous2973d ago

It's an artists rendition of him...

bmatthews2973d ago

yes that is supposed to be Kratos I believe, don't know any other game character who looks quite like that...;)

sunil2973d ago

he looks soooooooo short.... its funny .. its like a an angry kid with the blades :)

HeavyInfamous2973d ago


I think it looks great

Nikuma2972d ago

He looks like a freaking little person. Lame.

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bmatthews2973d ago

Nice wallpapers, downloaded...

OperationFlashpoint22973d ago

Very well done wallpapers, I like them.

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The story is too old to be commented.