Kombo: Damnation Review

Kombo writes: "Damnation puts you in an alternate history setting where the Civil War has been extended by a few decades due to the invention of steam-powered weaponry, machinery, and vehicles. Playing as Hamilton Rourke, you go in search of your missing loved one while helping to put an end to the war, and as expected, enemies and obstacles are stacked against you along the way.

What's Hot
It's quite rare that this actually happens, but there's nothing hot about Damnation. Honestly, there are times when you play a game that you don't enjoy and your knee-jerk reaction is to just blast it in a review and write it off as pure garbage, but I still feel the desire to do so even after giving the game a fair shot and a cooling off period to think about it. I guess the single aspect of Damnation that's vaguely commendable is that the setting and premise are kind of cool. After you get into the game, however, even the most optimistic and cheery of people are going to struggle mightily to find redeeming factors in the game, let alone anything worthy of outright praise..."

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